Nervous guy stands his ground agaisnt cops

Published on Dec 17, 2013 by Amifreetogo


What should I do when I am stopped by the police?

Remain silent, only give ID if you are being stopped for a valid reason, and don’t be rude.
If you have been stopped for an invalid reason, remain silent, and only respond with “Am I free to go, or am I being detained?”

Why should I record my run ins with the police?

Conviently, they often lose their dashcam footage when they make mistakes. Make sure you don’t lose yours.

You people are rude and disrespectful to the cops!

Not a question, but some people are, yes. Others are respectful and still get treated like prisoners. Cops are good people,
but the job has a way of corrupting people. The Am I Free To Go movement is about not getting into troulbe with cops when
you don’t need too.

Why are Border Checkpoints illegal?

Well, they aren’t. However, Checkpoints that are 10 miles away from the border, stopping every car and searching for immigrants
are both illegal and annoying. They cost a lot of money to maintain, and you can get through a lot faster if you refuse to deal
with them.

Naw, Nasa was pretty cool.


9 thoughts on “Nervous guy stands his ground agaisnt cops

  1. Lets face it she is another cop running around on I don’t Likes. As such she should not have a gun. Mental case on our streets. This must end we can not be put in danger by police who don’t like. They are to oporate only under statue and obey the law. That is the law of the land. Now they pulled a gun and taser here. That is a feloney! Armed threat fire her she is out of control!

  2. One guy pulls a taser out for no reason and she says she doesn’t care about the news. Then says,

    “If a suspect is reaching in his pocket, what am I to think?”


    The fat, blond officer who looks like she should be serving tables at a local diner has to call for backup because she couldn’t outrun a turtle, while the other officer with the taser walks like he’s gay and then you have the other two female officers who look like illegal immigrants and yet they are harassing this guy who is scared for his life and is doing nothing wrong.

    DAMMIT, WHEN WILL THEIR TIME COME???!!! I’m sick of this police state shit! It makes my blood boil!

  3. The one female officer gives the famous, “I want to pat you down to make sure you don’t have a weapon on you for my safety”. Unbelievable. They still are brainwashed into thinking their safety is more important than the people they are supposed to serve and protect.


    Again, it’s like saying a fireman is afraid of going in a burning house because there’s fire or that a doctor is afraid to touch a person because the person could get blood on him. WTF?????

    Everyone needs to beat the hell out of these people. Like children who never grew up.

  4. Cops are the same where ever you are.
    Yea, I put the fear of god in those f`ers last time I was arrested many years ago when they were booking me and asked if I had any comunicable deseases – I had a dr.s appointment a few days earilier and they found a spot on my lungs and I had a bad cough – so I told them about that appointment and that they said it may be TB, well every cop there turned a immediate whiter shade of pale when they heard that I may have had TB 😆 . true story, yea it turned out that I just had a touch of pneumonia 😉 . Sure did put the fear of god in them cops though, yea they backed off me in a hurry. They didn`t want anything to do with me after that one. Yes it turned the tables a bit in my favor all of a sudden.

    1. Big Balls & he knew more about his rights, state & federal, than 19 of any 20 ran-dumb people; nice to see.

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