BLM Observation Posts And Foreign BLM Officers

Published on Apr 15, 2014 by roypotterqa

These videos were done on April 12th just before the showdown at the BLM Compound where the cattle were held in the corrals. I discuss the discovery of BLM OPs (observation posts) just across the bridge from the demonstration area. I also talk about the possibility that foreign contractors are acting as BLM Officers. Further, I show the moment just after Sheriff Gillespie announced (a lie as it turned out) that the BLM was caving. I did NOT take video of the militia tactical operations during the confrontation along I-15 and the Federal Compound for what I hope are obvious reasons to you. The media is extant with videos of all the activity in the area, for the most part.

2 thoughts on “BLM Observation Posts And Foreign BLM Officers

  1. Hey ya`ll this guy said at about the 4:12 mark that he feels sorry for them BLM guys – well F THEM BLM GUYS, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND YA DO NOT FEEL SOORY FOR THOSE F`RS PERIOD.
    This is a act of war and all is fair in times of war especially on american soil damn it !!!! Screw them BLM bastards. Screw every one of them!
    Yea he says the sheriff said this and that – well ya cannot trust a word out of any leo`s pie hole.

    1. He’s not completely awake yet Dan. He’ll get there. It takes time for people to see the truth I’m sorry to say.

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