13 thoughts on “World’s Best Baby Sitters

  1. Well you know Paul, 😉 🙂 GOOD post 🙂
    Yea ya know , to this day my animal friends are my best of all friends – they are my honest buddies hands down 😉

    1. Hey Dan.. Love dogs. Their Gods way of saying I love you I think. Hey good talking to you on the pub today. Tell Millard I said hi, and kiss those animals of yours for me. 🙂

  2. oh yeah — hurt one of those babies and any one of those dogs will be ripping you up. They know when they’re dealing with kids, and they tolerate a lot that they wouldn’t put up with from an adult.

  3. What an awesome post,really brought back the memories for me.I had a beautiful female Rottweiler named Ginger that was the neighbor hood mom to all the kids. All the mothers loved her too!

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