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Bloomberg, MAIG celebrate Independence Day with declaration restricting freedom

Butcher of Rostov/Red Ripper/Rostov Ripper Andrei Chikatilo joins Mike Bloomberg and MAIG in demanding you disarm. For independence.Examiner – by David Codrea

“We support the Second Amendment, and we respect the rights of all law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms,” Mayors Against Illegal Guns lies in its new “Declare Your Independence from Gun Violence” campaign. As is typical and expected when rabid gun-grabbers make such an absurd, self-contradicting claim, what’s most noticeable is their huge “but.”   

“But support for the Second Amendment also means …, “they continue, once more proving that point.

We have a right to be free from fear, they declare, doing their best to gin up more of it.

And in a Bizarro parody of the Declaration of Independence that, true to the nature of all “progressive” claims means just the opposite of what they say, they demand government control the populace in an even more “perfect,” that is, perfectly totalitarian union. Considering that Bloomberg and his fellow mayoral travelers are government “officials,” it’s akin to British colonial officials penning the foundational document from 1776 to argue George III needed more power.

As with the original Declaration, the Bloomberg document is seeking names, which, considering they say they want “No More Names” is but another contradiction. They want 55,000 of them, and say they’re 45% toward their goal, which, considering the national reach of the group and all the money they’ve put into publicizing their bus tour is pretty pathetic for an internet drive. It also raises the question of why they haven’t exceeded their quota, if those 77K Facebook “likes” they claim on the page are real.

It’s a legitimate concern if you consider (unlike with the signers of the real Declaration, who proudly signed their real names with the understanding that consequences could be terminal) that there’s no way of verifying if names like Mckey M. , Rene C. and Annette G. represent real people, individuals submitting multiple entries, or even New York City staffers on the taxpayers’ time and under orders from the top.

Still, it does lend itself to a bit of monkeywrenching, since the control freaks are the ones who set up an uncontrolled signature-gathering form. As with Bloomberg’s Magical Misery Tour that lists a substantial percentage of criminal names, the idea strikes that seeding Declaration supporters with the names of genocidal maniacs, murderous criminals and perverts — beyond the ones who may have already lent their support and the ones who hold office — could be fun.

Years back on The War on Guns blog, we responded to a Control Arms “Million Faces” campaign, where they posted names and photos of supposed International Arms Trade Treaty supporters. We responded with a “Million Moon March” (named for the sentiment expressed by Bart Simpson flashing his rear end), where readers submitted names and photos of notorious dictators, wanted criminals, sexual predators and the like, and where we found to our delight that the global gungrabbers were actually posting our entries for John Wayne Gacy, Mussolini, Sammy “the Bull” Gravano and the like.

The first name/last initial display format used on MAIG’s declaration make that problematic, and as we can see, there’s no real need to tamper with a list that is unverifiable and suspect by design, but it would still be a kick to get a screen capture showing supporters “Adolf H” and “Pol P.”

Or, as illustrated in the above composite photo of MAIG’s form, their instant, unquestioned listing, and the mug shot for the entered name, Butcher of Rostov “Andrei C.”


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