Bloomberg says NYC anti-stop-and-frisk measures would help crooks, terrorists

	Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly (left) warn Monday that bills would aid criminals and terrorists. Photo by Jesse WardNew York Daily News – by ROCCO PARASCANDOLA AND ERIN DURKIN

Two bills that would rein in controversial police tactics took a major step forward in New York City Council on Monday — even as Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly warned that the bills would aid criminals and terrorists.

“Take heart, Al Qaeda wannabes,” Kelly said as he joined Bloomberg to trash the bills before the Council vote.  

The bills would create an NYPD inspector general to oversee police activity and allow people to file lawsuits against the city if they believe officers used profiling to make stops or arrests.

Bloomberg said the bills would force cops to spend their time defending lawsuits instead of keeping the city safe.

“What are you going to say at the next eulogy you have to give after these bills are passed when the family is 100% convinced that had you not passed this bill, their child would still be alive?” Bloomberg asked Council members as they prepared to vote. “This is not a game. This is a life-threatening thing.”

Despite the warnings, the Council voted 41 to 8 to allow the bills to bypass a committee. They’ll get a full council vote this week.

Although bills typically need the approval of a committee to reach a full Council vote, supporters of the measures used an obscure procedure called a “motion to discharge” because Public Safety Committee Chairman Peter Vallone (D-Queens) refused to allow a vote by his panel.

It was the first time a “motion to discharge” has been used since Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan) became council speaker in 2006.

The bills had been in limbo until March, when Quinn, under heavy political pressure in her race for mayor, threw her support behind the inspector general measure.

She opposes the racial profiling bill but agreed to let it move forward despite her opposition.

On Monday, she voted to advance both bills, but said she planned to vote against the profiling bill when it goes before the full Council.

The profiling bill would allow New Yorkers to sue if they think they’ve been profiled based on their race, religion, sexual preference or other characteristics. Bloomberg said only lawyers would benefit if the bill passes. “Every tort lawyer is going to buy a new house and a new car right away,” he said.


But supporters of the measures dismissed criticism from Bloomberg and Kelly as lies and fear-mongering from a mayor and police commissioner desperate to protect their legacy.

The supporters noted that cops wouldn’t be barred from using race and other factors in descriptions of suspects, people wouldn’t be able to sue for money and the inspector general would only be able to make recommendations — not force the NYPD to listen.

“Any time you start to discuss better policing, police reform, they say the sky is going to fall, the whole city is going to be in a rampage, all laws will be in default, and everybody will run amok,” said Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn), who sponsored both bills.

“For some reason, [Bloomberg] still believes he’s going to go down as one of the best mayors in history, and he’s worried about anybody who challenges his legacy.”

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6 thoughts on “Bloomberg says NYC anti-stop-and-frisk measures would help crooks, terrorists

  1. Bloomberg and the people of NYC are living proof that Charles Dicken’s story, “A Tale of Two Cities” has come to life.

  2. The more laws that Jews pass, the more that us Goyim (they call us “cattle”) will be treated like Palestinians…

  3. Why is it that every time I turn around, the Jews once more are engaged in the creation of a brutal communist police state? Oh that’s right, I forgot that they are literally commanded to “ruin the Nations” and to enslave and murder the Gentiles (i.e. Humanity) by their evil imaginary god Yahu, who stars as a major literary character in their plagiarized, bogus, and evil “religious” scriptures.

    The only thing that Comrade Bloomberg’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL “Stop and Frisk” policy has accomplished, aside from assisting in the transformation of a once great country and city into a communist STASI-KGB-style Police State, is to provide FREE, high-grade, expensive marijuana to the criminal cops who steal, er, I mean, confiscate it and then smoke it themselves.

    As far as helping the crooks and terrorists goes, Bloomberg and NYPD commissioner Kelly are themselves crooks and terrorists who need to be placed in Federal prison cells for high treason against the U.S.A. Yes, that’s right, as a good buddy of all the high-level New York Jews (Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy, Louis Eisenberg, Maurice Greenberg, Jeffrey Greenberg, and Shabtai Shavit, et al.) who were all variously involved in the 9-11 attacks, either through planning, execution, or continuous cover-up, Mr. Bloomberg is not only a treasonous seditionist, but an accessory to mass murder and terror. Perhaps Citizen Arrest Brigades need to be formed to arrest these terrorists and bring them to justice. Justice for the Zionist terror attacks against America on 9-11 will be done, and in the end, Bloomberg and all his soul-less little friends will hang for treason, or if the rope runs out, they can be placed before firing squads.

    America, it’s time to clean house and reconstitute your once great republic, which has now become the Fascist laughing stock of the entire world. Now when the U.S. president tells a country like Russia to “jump!,” he receives in return a hearty “Go F#@k yourself, buddy! You and your country are a f#@king joke!” Folks, you do not have an Arab or Muslim terror problem, you have a major treasonous Jewish terrorist problem. Your terrorist enemy is right inside your very house – Al Qaedaberg.

    “For some reason, [Bloomberg] still believes he’s going to go down as one of the best mayors in history, and he’s worried about anybody who challenges his legacy.”

    Of that, there is no doubt. He’s going to go down, down into the bowels of f#@king Hell for helping his fellow co-religionists ruin the democratic republic of America and turn it into Stalinist America, gulags, secret police, and all.

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