Blueprint for dismantling a free and prosperous society

Combat Studies Group

Let’s see…

An opposition backed by Marxist thinktanks and governments – check

Prosperous economy buckles under strain of entitlement class – check 

Enforcers/troops (the “good guys”) arrive for “the safety of everyone” – check

Media reports one narrative, enforcers pursue another – check

Politicians make empty promises and issue outright lies – check

Checkpoints and curfews are established for “the safety of everyone” – check

Resistors and patriots are demonized by the media and central government – check

Stockpiling of ammunition and arms by the “good guys” – check

Citizens are told repeatedly to not worry about the nonstop build up of troops, arms, ammunition and checkpoints – check

Psychological operations undertaken designed to pit one social group against another – check


This is not the plot to an upcoming Prepper/survival novel, but a very real and unfortunate chapter from our history. The video is about an hour long, but I encourage you to watch it all and see if you can identify the numerous correlations with the present.

“….In a world of anti-individualism, we have asserted our belief in the fundamental dignity of  individual man and his right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…”
– Moise Tshombe

This is the same conflict where Che Guevera (under Castro’s direction) tried to expand his sphere of influence into Africa and was soundly trounced by Col. “Mad Mike” Hoare’s 5 Commando.

Mike Hoare on the right discussing liberation of Stanleyville.

Hoare’s right hand man, Alistair Wicks (right).

6 thoughts on “Blueprint for dismantling a free and prosperous society

  1. The economy didn’t buckle because of an entitlement class, how clueless can you be to make such a statement?

    1. Right! That’s enough to piss you off. Here, since you seem to be missing the point in all this: The economy was taken down by the corporate elite and the government they own, probably as part of a much larger plan to which they may only be willing participants particularly suited to the role due to their inherent greed and lack of morality. There has always been a small portion of the population, statistically insignificant, that would qualify for what you call “entitlement class.” NOW, this group consists of a large portion of the former middle class of hard working Americans who been screwed by the globalists.

      My word of advice to you: Make sure you don’t repeat that ignorance to our face.

  2. If this article was intended to create what you say the 1% want: to divide and conquer, you couldn’t have filled their need better than to use language like entitlement class…Do you mean disabled veterans? Do you mean senior citizens who have paid into Soc Security their whole lifetime and their employers paid an equal share in lieu of other compensation? Do you mean unemployment insurance when you orchestrated a crash and bailout to the banks that gutted our economy? Demonizing these entitlements will set one part of the 99% against the other…Whose side are you really on? Who is running this website?

    1. I run this f#@king website. We bring articles here for discussion to confirm or condemn is left to the free thinker. Neo-national socialists and soviet socialists are not welcome here.
      You bring up this article like one of us wrote it rather than brought it here for discussion.
      Personally I agree with your assessment of the article as I am one of those baby boomers, disenfranchised, dispossessed, and made civilly dead via the derivatives fraud.
      Your only mistake was attacking this site as it would seem you are too f#@king dumb to comprehend what we are doing here. Bye.

      1. To clarify –
        I wrote the article from CSG (really just some bullet points and a link) in an effort to bring attention to some of the historical globo-marxist activities that, I feel, are corollary to our present situation here in the US. An entitlement class is part and parcel to a socialist regime and history is replete with examples of the economic and social destruction that follows such policies. Collecting your social security or veteran’s benefits is not what I am addressing and I would hope that most people recognize that fact. I have no interest in the “1%” or any other left/right paradigm games and I would hazard to guess that comments to that effect are simply trolling or just being intentionally obtuse.
        My hope is that folks see the parallels and recognize the warning signs…

  3. I just want my welfare check. Comrades I know speeka the English can you tell me where the welfare office is?

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