Body Armor: Just Protective Clothing

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Body armor is protective clothing that has been designed to protect the body from any kind of penetrating attack or gun shot. At first they were used by the military and the police personnel but now they are becoming common among the private citizens too. The biggest problem that comes with the body armor is their uncomfortable structure. Efforts have been made by many companies to make them comfortable and improve their structure. The improved facility helps in moving easily and reducing the problems during summers.  

The latest innovation includes the use of liquid armor in the manufacturing of body armor. The technology of using liquid armor for the Kevlar vests has been tried and it has proved to be successful. It is very light, helps in moving flexibly, reduces the moisture content from the body, etc. All these features will make the person feel comfortable and wear the vest for longer period. The key component in the vest is the liquid armor and the best thing about this armor is its capacity to act as a sheer thickening fluid. All the hard particles are included in this armor in a suspended format. This fluid is non-toxic and it can last in high temperatures. Some nano particles of silica are also present in this armor. The presence of flowable particles along with the other hard components will help in getting unusual properties and make the vest more comfortable.

The best thing about the functioning of this vest is that normally it flows like some liquid and is deformable. But when the bullet comes in contact with the vest then the material transits into some rigid material and prevents the bullet from hitting the body. The fabric of the Kevlar vest holds the liquid armor in one place and keeps it intact. The fabric is in a saturated format and it can be sewn, draped and soaked easily. This technology makes the vest cost effective, recues the weight, and improves flexibility. The technology has huge potential and its properties are much better as compared to the previous Kevlar armor. Kevlar made body armor is available from most reputable online body armor retailer’s e.g.

This material can also be used to protect the areas that are not protected by the normal vests but one should always be rest assured that the flexibility of the soldier of the officer is not disturbed. The areas like pants, sleeves, ankle, etc. that is not protected y the vest can now be protected by the liquid armor. Along with protection from the projectiles the liquid armor also acts as a stab resistant material. One can be rest assured that this vest can protect them from knives or any kind of sharp material. People can easily test them by applying sudden sharp force on them and look at the protection level.

The traditional Kevlar vests had 45 layers and all this made it harder then steel. This reduced the flexibility of the body and did not let the body breathe well. It also created a blunt force trauma once the bullet hit the person’s body. Even though the chances of any injury are reduced but the force of the bullet is not stopped and the body suffers small injuries. Liquid armor reduces the chances of this type of injury and there is no blunt force trauma when the person gets hit by the projectile. During the impact of the projectile it spreads the force of bullet in such a way that the force of the projectile is reduced to nil. With the use of this modern technology one expect to get protective clothing that prevents any kind of problems from the impact of projectiles.

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3 thoughts on “Body Armor: Just Protective Clothing

  1. In Australia it is illegal to wear body armour. I am not sure why as no one is supposed to have a gun anyway.

  2. Though it’s legal to wear body armor here in the U.S. Making it illegal was once part of an “assault” weapons ban but was removed before final vote.
    The pigs would love to make it illegal for civilian use. Their intent is to kill you sa quickly as possible. They view it as one factor that inhibits the road to absolute TYRANNY.
    By now; the folks “down under” mostly agree that the disarmament of responsible civilians was a grave mistake with much loss of freedom and personal safety.
    REVOLUTION and violent insurrection is now the only option left for Aussies who cherish freedom over the “safety” of a worsening fascist dictatorship.

    1. Aussies for the most part are not the people they once were. Violence and insurrection aren’t going to happen. At least 10% of the male population would be scared they might break a nail. The majority love their enslavement.
      We lost our gun rights to a false flag. if you ever want to see just how docile and accepting of BS we have become down under just read about Port Arthur(the false flag). I have posted the forensic reconstruction of the shooting and if you haven’t seen it will post it again.

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