Bodycam Video Captured Police Shootout In Upstate New York

Published on May 19, 2017 by Dark Horse News

Authorities say Maybrook Police Chief Arnold “Butch” Amthor was shot and a suspect is dead after a standoff ended in a shootout Tuesday.

Amthor was shot in the shoulder while responding to a domestic disturbance call at a home around 10:00 AM in the Village of Maybrook, 55 miles north of New York City.

Trooper Steven Nevel of the New York State Police says Amthor is expected to survive.

The bodycam footage shows police officers talking with Anthony Bostick inside an apartment, before he shot Amthor. The video shows police firing several rounds back at Bostick.

Bostick refused to open the door and refused to cooperate with police, despite the police asking repeatedly for over 30 to 40 minutes for his cooperation. At a point when they believed he may have become suicidal, they entered the residence.

The police officer in the video is initially armed with a taser rather than a firearm. Another officer can be heard saying, “Go lethal,” at which point the officer trades the taser for his gun.

Bostick fired first, and then police returned fire.

Bostick was pronounced dead at the scene of an apparent gunshot wound according to a press release.

13 thoughts on “Bodycam Video Captured Police Shootout In Upstate New York

  1. what was the domestic disturbance?

    (as if they need it) what was the reason the Kings Hench Men entered this mans Castle?

    What I saw was a man defending his ground

    where do they get these pigs with all that ink on their arms? prisons? Gangs?

    In Hospitals around here if you have Tats on your forearms they make the employee cover it

    1. The email header I used when I sent this in to Henry read “Oh look forearm tattoos”.
      I made a comment about cops with bald heads and forearm tats yesterday.

      1. To be honest Frank , I have ink too
        but not visible because its for me, not to show the world

        I also dont hold a public position or job where I feel its inappropriate or out of place

        Yeah I know Tats are thuggish , and Biker like ( Im a Biker)

        I guess I’m being hypocritical , maybe I should just STFU

        but If i saw a tatted up guy in my house rushing me with a gun , I’d shoot the sucker too

        My Tat is over my heart , and its a memorial to my Daughter ..not a public display

        Im probably wrong about everything i just said
        sorry if I offended

        1. No offense taken and there is nothing wrong with a tattoo, no more than a t-shirt. Two of my sons have tattoos and they are not thugs.
          When we think of tattoos, we think of bikers and cops, you know gangsters, some of which seem to have given tattoos a bad name. Of course pirates had tattoos, so did some naughty ladies, but you might as well say a hair cut is bad or good under the same standard.
          Remember long hair? In some places it meant you were a dope smokin’ hippie, or maybe a wild guitar player. My hair is long and I wonder about labeling, as I’ve seen pictures of my great grandfather Shivley, his hair hung clear down his back and he wore a full beard. My great grandfather Boggus was a Scotsman, his blond hair hung down past his shoulders, again with a full beard. Looked like a f#@king viking….hey wait, they had tattoos too.
          I guess our bodies are our personal property and what we do with them is not only our own goddam business, but the ultimate assertion of right.
          Hey, you know who else has tattoos? Indians. I’m part Indian, does that mean I have to have a part of a tattoo? And if they make me get one, is everybody going to think I’m a part gangster? Or hey, wait a minute, with my long hair and half a tattoo, would that make me an Indian part gangster.:)

          1. Thank you Henry
            You put it in perspective for me quite nicely
            I too am part Native American
            Used to have long hair ( when I had more of it)
            And a long beard
            And your right , it is a freedom expression

        2. I have a tat as well, I’m just not comfortable with the way cops look nowadays, hell I just don’t like cops, my heads shaved too.

          1. One of my sons who has a tattoo also shaves his head, and is part Indian, and his grandfather shaved his head (premature baldness).
            God damn I’m confused. 🙂

          2. I’m part Blackfoot/French/English (Adirondack mountain Hillbilly) and half Italian, both of my grandfathers were tough as nails and my great grandparents even tougher.
            My maternal great grandfather came to America from Italy after stabbing a mafia man who came to collect from the family business, my mom says I’m just like him.

            I had stress related hair loss at age 15, it grew back but never as thick, I’ve shaved it since.

        3. I am about 50% covered but that’s also been my career for 25yrs. None taken Enemy of the State. You’re definitely not mistaken in popping anyone rushing you in your domicile, especially a blue gang banger! Truly sorry about your little girl and hope you will see her again some sunny day. I have two of my own and the propaganda war has taken them from me.

  2. maybe had smoke generator and couple sandbags would made more difficult for the invaders

    1. Sandbags hidden inside furniture can make excellent last-ditch fighting positions indoors. There are other tricks that can also make life a lot more difficult for invaders.

  3. That was some real simple barricading in his apartment which worked quite well.

    Again, these are people who are just not serious about engaging the enemy, not that they even know who and what the enemy is of course, but if you’re gonna rock and roll with the tyrants enforcers, then you better have a slightly more substantial plan, of course resistance is good at any level for sure.

    Just to let them know, that some slaves refuse to be such.

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