19 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL Breaking Meeting At Bundy Ranch On Stewart Rhodes Oathkeepers

  1. A headline from 2010 stated this: “Oath Keepers: Potentially The Most Lethal And Dangerous Of All The New ‘Patriot’ Groups”. At the first sign of trouble they cut and run. What a joke.

  2. Great to have info. from the ground. Sure appreciate these folks standing together and taking care of the O.Kpr’s situation.

    1. I’m with you on that Katie. Looks like Rhodes stepped on his own d***k. I thought he knew better than that. Guess he just revealed his own true self.
      . . .

  3. So multiple groups and personalities are battling for dominance using the Bundy situation for PR. Lets face it, politics, backstabbing, and fundraising are alive and well in the militia movement.

    No matter how dedicated the boots on the ground members are, leadership driven by the checkbook or the spotlight makes any organization corruptible.

    The biggest threat to the movement is the guy bragging about an AD shooting someone in the back, not the Oath Keeper publicity stunt of saying it’s withdrawal was in response to the threat of Holder using drone strikes.

    Of course the withdrawal could also be to get as much distance between it’s organization and this raving nutcase. If things go bad, this is the kind of guy most likely to escalate the situation for his own glory.

  4. Oath Keepers may as well dissolve ……
    I would never associate with them due to the air
    which follows them.
    Any quality members which can show they were
    not involved in the cowardice and treason action.
    Should start a new organization, to be completely
    removed from the former…and it shouldn’t be a
    corporation or a business.
    Militia is just that, Militia. Not a business.

    “Who is the guy leading this meeting ?”
    Sounds like he knows his stuff ………

    1. Oath Keepers is a 501c which means they have sold out to the government. They won’t do anything to risk losing this tax exemption.
      No patriot group should be beholden to the government for anything.

  5. Yeah seems like the guy doing most of the talking is sharp. Thanks Wade for keeping the information flowing.

  6. First off, Wade you rock. Thank you.

    I was with oath keepers back in the mid 2000’s. I didnt like the people. It was ‘run your mouth’ and ‘i was a solder but now im a lawyer/judge’ types. In fact I think most of the people in charge of the colorado functions where masons.
    Wounded warriors was another group I did a lot of fundraisers with via a VFW I was an officer at.
    Both were marketing based. ‘Give us your money and we will make the world a better place for you.’

    It would seem that a lot of people showed up hoping for a fire to put out.
    Many may have decided it was time to go home.
    Stewy may have decided it was a good time to look like everyone leaving was ‘his people’ and maybe he got wind that the whole ‘bundy is a racist’ thing was going down.

    Thanks again Wade.
    Got a paypal account or a place to mail some gas money?

  7. http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2014/04/29/bundy-ranch-advisory-for-april-29-2014/

    read that they admit it and to taking money
    “”Regarding the money-related accusation, the Oath Keepers book-keeper just informed me that we have raised more than forty thousand dollars for the Bundy Ranch operation, and of that sum we have presented a check for $12,500.00 to the Bundy family – not cash, a check. All accounting will be available in coming weeks as receipts are collected, and our membership may know with confidence that full reckoning will be completed. Here is part of the statement I just got from our book-keeper:

    “Here are the things I know we bought, food, water, ice, clothing, tents, field equipment/supplies, port-o-potties and travel expenses for the OK BODs and anybody willing to take rotating shifts out at the Bundy Ranch. We also gave the Bundy’s $12,500.00 via a check, not cash.”

    She told me that we’ve taken in more than forty thousand dollars.””

    were did the other 37.5k go hotdogs drinks and gambling at the vegas hilton

  8. why doesnt someone bring up the obvious this was a b a r member working for the crown trick to get everyone to leave so they could attack those left

  9. here is an hour of bs word smithing lies and crying myself i would rather get my bs from the local pub

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