Boston False Flag Used Local Production Studio Personnel Contracted by DHS

Boston bobming Sullivan and Scissors ladyGeoEngineering Exposed

Instead of fleeing the scene as most did, a few women stayed behind to perform as task.  The lady with scissors was apparently assigned to shred crisis actors’ clothing.

Enter Margie Sullivan, Exec. Producer of  Redtree Film Productions  

Coincidence?.  One of two bombs exploded at 666 Boylston Street,directly across the street from her business;  Redtree Productions at 661 Boylston St.

Margie is an Executive Producer at RedtreeProductions which is a full service production company for film, video and interactive.

Prior to joining Redtree, Margie Sullivan was Executive Vice President and Director of Creative Service and Broadcast Production at the global headquarters of Arnold Worldwide, in Boston. Margie was responsible for managing the workflow of the creative department for television, print and interactive.

Margie was the Executive Producer for Mary Mazzio’s Award Winning Documentary, “A Hero for Daisy”.

Margie is a graduate of Emerson College and is currently serving as a member of the Emerson Alumni Board. She is also a member of the Ad Club Board of Directors and is on the Board of the Massachusetts Production Coalition.

Marge has lived in Hingham for 24 years with her husband and 2 children.  (Source)

Margie Sullivan Redree Productions and Boston bombing-B

None of these actors appears to be injured,  affected by shrapnel or covered with dust.  Many of the hospitalizations were alleged to be shrapnel wounds from nails and sharp objects but none of the DHS crisis actors appears to have been hit at all.

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