BREAKING 🚨 Joe Biden, Hunter Biden Whistleblower Makes New Statement

By Wall Street Apes

“This is the reason why I’m still going through this situation. I’m gonna be quite clear and quick. Hunter Biden has been money laundering in my accounts along with Joe Biden ever since I was a congressional intern at age 15.

In addition to that, in 1980, he was convicted of sexually assaulting me, Diplo, and Adam Ord, my ex boyfriend. I didn’t realize that it happened to him too.

I don’t know how he got through FBI adjudication and investigations for security clearance other than paying bribes. He’s the longest running Joe Biden, the longest running politician in the United States, in the federal government. Strom Thurmond had that title, and since he’s been president, he has surpassed him. I worked at DOJ for many years, was a DOJ official as well as a federal prosecutor in addition to being an executive at VA.

I don’t understand how he could have gone through the adjudication process given that in 1980, he was convicted of those crimes against me and 2 other people that I know very well, who I care about a lot.

In addition, while I was at the VA as an executive and a chief compliance officer, I ended up filing a workplace retaliation lawsuit after after I left. I resigned. I was tired of dealing with it. I wasn’t asked to resign.

I resigned because I was dealing with a Biden appointee who was, I guess, concerned along with Hunter and Joe Biden that their dirty secrets in connection with me would come out.

And so she wanted me gone. She’s a member of the Biden Institute. Her name is Mary Anne Donahue. She’s in charge of the whistleblower office at VA, which is super important. It was stood up under Trump, and I was appointed under the Trump administration and so I guess they thought I was a problem.

That’s the long and short of it. Once I filed the retaliation lawsuit, the gang stalking, the harassment, the drama all began. The money laundering has continued by Hunter Biden. It’s not clear to me if Joe Biden is doing it.

But needless to say, it needs to stop.”

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