7 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 5-28-24

  1. Three people were shot dead in Centerville, SD Monday night by the former mayor there.
    Two of them being my nephews.
    Not sure what happened yet.
    I’m freaking enraged!!!
    Just found out a few hours ago from their dad.

    1. Hal, I’ve missed you. Sad that you return under such horrible circumstances. I hope you get the clear story soon. Condolences to all concerned. Take care, brother.


      1. Sorry, Galen and all.
        Things aren’t so good here.
        Trying to become self employed once again from scratch, and that means almost nothing.
        Paul Jr. and I were starting to establish a plan but he’s gone.
        It’s up to just me now and I will do it!
        Count on it. It’s gonna take some time though.
        Good this is learning to get by with next to nothing.
        I know little of what happened and my brother is tore down hard.
        What I do know due to folks I’ve known who lived there is Centerville is run like a small town Mafia,t and has for a long while. The ex mayor being part of it.
        They’re implying my nephew made advances on his wife. Maybe he did but I can’t take the word of media news.
        Anyway it’ll take a while to get enough grease to get my head the rest of the way out my ass, and get rolling on my own thing again.
        Miss y’all too.
        Staying pissed as phook!!!

        1. PS. and FYI…
          That half gallon flask that I won from you in an auction some years back.
          Well, it’s about to become an oil tank for my brother Paul’s rat bike. }:^]

          1. Talk about repurposing. Glad it’s going to good use.

            Hal, I’m a person who prays, and I’m keeping you and yours in my prayers . These are the most trying times. For many it’s becoming unbearable, unaffordable, unlivable. The inflation is smothering but the genocide is deadly. I want to say “Chin up,” but I’m having trouble keeping up my own. May our strength kick in full force and there really be better days ahead.


          2. Thank you, Galen.
            You can say chin up.
            You can say finger up too.
            I know I do.

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