2 thoughts on “BREAKING: “Death Panels Confirmed In Obamacare”

  1. If this Obamacare bill(law) is not overturned and thrown out….
    it itself may be enough to be the start of a major, violent peoples revolt
    right here in the US…
    and you got Obomb-o going a couple of days ago, to calif…celebs…and blowing his mouth…and those low life’s…sucking it up….with their chk books and high fives………
    This country couldn’t be more broken than it is right now….
    Praying is the best place to start. But, there is always so much silence in that, and little seems to get done from it….I am not optimistic going that route…..
    The average person hasn’t the slightest!!!!.(idea)..they have been lambs taken to slaughter. All of them,via, this mad man…….mad fed gov. and am beginning to think, mad military, too. They stand around waiting for their cks and retirement date…..its you and I….remaining.

  2. Hey Rebeason this has been incrementally coming for a loooooooong time. I never dreamed it would come to pass in my lifetime. God have mercy on us all as the coming REAL struggle takes place.

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