Britain Has Not Pushed Out The Globalists

World Events and the Bible

It is being said, in “free and fair elections” Britain decided to leave the European Union. Since when are there free and fair elections in a Western Nation or any nation for that matter? How can everyone be so quick to forget all of the reports of voting fraud and manipulated voting machines that change votes. The computer programmers who testified that they were paid to change the code in the voting machines?

How can we forget who controls the Global Structure? Everyone relax and pull yourself out of the fear and hype. Both the mainstream and alternative media are saying this is a kick in the shorts to the globalists. That documents they do not understand who the globalists really are and unless you are in our Father’s Word you will not understand. The globalists at the upper most levels are the children of Satan. Were they kicked out of Britain? Not a chance, they still control Britain.  

We have said it before, it will be economic and political uncertainty that bring down the current global order and give rise to the new world order. The globalists at this point are not going to allow anything to happen they do not want to happen. The citizens of the nations are fed up with their governments and are seeking other options, nothing has changed.

The DOW fell over 600 points yesterday. How many articles have we read over the years about a rigged and controlled stock market? Suddenly there is freedom in the markets? Not a chance. They allowed this to happen. Have we all forgotten, “never let a crisis go to waste,” even a manufactured one? Do not be swayed with the wind of fear and hype. Consider and understand what you have learned over the years and do not let an event like this wash away your understanding.

Is this a deadly wound? NO! Have you not read the scriptures?

Has Iran fallen to global powers? No.

Do you see Ten Kings of the Earth? No.

Then do not rush scripture, do not rush prophecy and do not leave out the details because you are excited to see certain events come to pass. You must take all of scripture in order to have a complete understanding. You cannot pick and choose what applies or you are only kidding yourself. We have plenty of scripture that needs to be fulfilled so everyone open their Bibles and communicate to our Father through prayer for understanding in these dark times.

Some might be thinking this is our Father’s hand turning Britain back to God. I would ask what has Britain or any other nation and their Godless leaders done that would earn them such a gift?

Is it allowing homosexual marriage? Taking away the freedoms of the people? Kicking God out of the country and government? These are abominations in the eyes of our Father so wake up and pay attention to what is actually happening, not what you are being told and led to believe.

The events of our world are becoming harder to understand and discern and that in itself is a sign we are closing out this age of flesh.

If this event in Britain was something the globalists did not want, we would see the instant destruction of Britain. We would see their markets and trade completely collapse and their nation turned to third world status. Remember, Britain is a part of the global banking system, that has not changed, therefore, nothing has changed. We are merely being entertained with side shows and possibly the next stage, which will be the global restructure to a true new world order, though this will not happen overnight.

Use your own mind. Who has bucked the globalists trend to date?

Iraq, when Saddam Hussein decided to trade oil for Euro’s instead of Dollars. Where did that get home? About ten feet in the air with a rope around his neck.

Libya, when Muammar Gaddafi was about to make a “gold Dinar” a reality for Africa which was a gold backed currency. Where did that get him? Ousted as the leader of his nation and beat to death and drug through the streets.

Syria. They have never been a part of the global structure and they still refuse to be a part of it which is the reason we have seen a war rage in Syria. The globalist controlled nations continue to attack Syria through terrorist proxy’s in order to destabilize it. If you have been a reader of our site for a while you have seen the devastation in Syria and it speaks for itself.

Who else?

Iran and they will be one of the next targets outside of North Korea and Venezuela who are already suffering economic collapse.

The point here is Britain would see the same fate if they set a course which the globalists did not desire.

The European Union, United Nations and all of the other Global Organizations are only a part of the children of Satan’s sphere of control. The children of Satan rule in the shadows by controlling the nation-state, in the future they will rule a top a truly global structure where the nation-state no longer exists. This is Biblical and it will come to pass.

The only question left is… Have you read?

World Events and the Bible

3 thoughts on “Britain Has Not Pushed Out The Globalists

  1. Yup, the Children of Satan (Joos) are just reshuffling the deck, redistributing wealth to their gain, and make it look like an uncontrolled economic downturn, much like the 2008 derivatives “bubble” or the .com “bubble” of the early 90’s.

    Well orchestrated by tptb, “Yes people, were in a recession, that’s why your retirement accounts took such a big hit. Yep, that’s it, a ‘market fluctuation’!”

    Bend over and spread ’em, they just fleeced everyone again. MSM says “tons of money lost”, well, money just doesn’t go “poof”. Unless the currency crashed, that money was just, shall we say, “transferred”. It’s existing in a different account, that’s all.

    Whenever $hit like this happens, one has to look at who benefitted. Follow your nose, the stench will lead to the culprits if it isn’t obvious at this point. The rulers of the planet need more money to keep their campfire goin’.

  2. “Iran and they will be one of the next targets outside of North Korea and Venezuela who are already suffering economic collapse.

    The point here is Britain would see the same fate if they set a course which the globalists did not desire.”


  3. This whole thing was way too easy. There is something really not right here. Also, Yahoo and other MSM’s have been putting this out there front and center. Usually if something happens that goes against the status quo those outlets are silent on what’s happening.

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