British Court Delivers Blow To E.U. Exit Plan (Brexit), Insists Parliament Has A Say

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Hopefully this is not a surprise to you. When the so-called Brexit passed “by the people” we said it was most likely a ploy to make it appear as if the people have power in their governmental structure. Once again it is looking like the government of the people will over rule them. The same thing happened in Greece several years ago with their bailout. The people rallied against a bailout by the globalists and websites the world over said how the power of the people was restored. Then the government stepped in and went along with the bailout anyway. All too often I find people in general get sucked into lies and false beliefs and they let their emotions run wild.

God’s Word and the events of our time cannot be analyzed when your emotions are running. Relax, look at the world and who runs it and then read what your Father’s Word says and then try to make sense of it. The children of Satan nearly have every single nation on the face of the earth a part of their globalist system. Only a few nations remain outside of it. Those nations are not really a threat to them at this point, but they must come in line. You, the people are the threat. Who “let” the people vote on the Brexit? The government of Britain so if this all turns upside down on the people who will the people be mad at? Their government. When the global system finally collapses the governments will be blamed, not the globalists. But know without certainty the children of Satan fear you the most as the people have numbers and if they ever uncovered the truth of what has been done to them they would surely take back control of their world.

A senior British court on Thursday dealt a severe blow to Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to begin the process of exiting the European Union early next year, ruling she must get Parliament’s approval before she acts.

The decision greatly complicates May’s stated plan to trigger Article 50 — the never-before-used mechanism for a country to leave the European Union — by the end of March at the latest. Most members of Parliament opposed Brexit in the lead-up to Britain’s June referendum, when voters o

Source: British court delivers blow to E.U. exit plan, insists Parliament has a say – The Washington Post

World Events and the Bible

2 thoughts on “British Court Delivers Blow To E.U. Exit Plan (Brexit), Insists Parliament Has A Say

  1. Parliament already had a say when they voted along with all of the other citizens. What they are saying now is our votes count more than yours. Easy solution. If they are dead they can’t vote. Butcher them in the streets, in their homes, wherever. Before the cleaver comes down remind them had their vote not counted more than the little man they would be enjoying a quick death with a bullet instead of a messy death with a cleaver.

  2. Told you they would never leave. It was all a hoax. Funny how this happens just days away from the election. It’s almost as though the elite are coordinating a worldwide civil war after the elections.

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