Bunkerville residents sound off about BLM, police, media

Bunkerville residents air concerns during a town hall meeting on Thursday, May 1, 2014. (FOX5)The people in Bunkerville do support the Bundy’s contrary to what media and represent.

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BUNKERVILLE, NV (FOX5) – An emotional crowd gathered for a town hall meeting on Thursday evening in Bunkerville.

Residents and council members praised militia members gathered there in support of embattled rancher Cliven Bundy, but had nothing but vitriol for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie and the local and national media. 

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“The day the militia [came] was the day I felt safe again in Nevada,” one meeting attendee said.

The meeting was standing-room only. City council members had harsh criticism for the media’s take on the standoff between Bundy and the BLM.

“I heard things said down there. And then when it came out on the air it was a completely different animal,” Bunkerville Councilman Duane Magoon said.

“Tell the whole truth. Don’t spin things to get your ratings,” another council member added.

One council member criticized Gillespie, saying he’s been AWOL in Bunkerville.

“I’m really disappointed in our sheriff for not being out here to protect the citizens who are out here,” he said.

One after another, Bunkerville residents criticized the BLM, calling it an example of overreaching government.

“It’s insane and a way overreach of their power. They should be held accountable,” a meeting attendee said.

“I called Metro, and their exact words to me were, ‘It’s the BLM and Cliven Bundy’s problem,’ – and I should take it up with one of those two. There are my children and my community, and if Metro doesn’t have the guts to come out and protect us – what are you here for? What are we paying you guys for?” another attendee said.

Despite reports of intimidation by armed militia, those gathered for the town hall had nothing but praise for them.

“I want to tell every one of them militia, thank you. Because not one of our government officials, not one of our sheriffs or Metro would have saved us that day. They didn’t save us that day,” an attendee said.

Meanwhile, Bundy and his supporters plan to file criminal reports against the BLM on Friday morning at the office of the Clark County Sheriff’s Department.

Bundy’s complaints include assault, rangers blocking access to public land and rangers impersonating police officers, among several others.


10 thoughts on “Bunkerville residents sound off about BLM, police, media

  1. filing a criminal report with the no-show sheriff wont do a bit of good/the sheriff and the governor are both in on the gang-bang. a citizens grand jury needs to be convened, and then charges levied and
    voted upon by the citizens grand jury. once they produce a true bill/indictment they can take that to the sheriff and file a writ of execution/arrest warrant be filed/served against all criminal agents. then the fun begins.

    1. most do not know that if you do this and the crowns sherry iff fails to act he is now as guilty as and you take it to the next sherry iff and so on of course they all work for the crown so good luck it is the ppls responsibility and duty to do it themselves

      1. Hmm…Maybe they should fire the sheriff for not doing his job and elect a new one who is for the people by the people. Of course we all know how voting is in this country.

    2. Yes. The government even at the most local level has been entirely usurped and corrupted across our nation. We The People can take back our nation, but it’s going to take some more organization and force by The People: the formation of natural/common law grand juries, natural/common law courts and juries and truly constitutional sheriffs in every county. Which means when the local sheriff and deputies won’t step up to constitutional duties, The People’s lawful constitutional organization with the help/deputization of a local constitutional militia will have to first be put in place and expect to arrest an errant sheriff/police chief and deputies/cops, place them in jail, with whatever force necessary, and proceed with charges, verdicts, and punishment of the criminals/lackies in the current (un)law(ful) enforcement organizations.

  2. In light of what transpired, I would hope citizens of Nevada would look at filing charges of malfeasance and misfeasance of office against the sheriff and the governor. Moreover, why stop with these two as far as empaneling a citizen’s grand jury? The big game is Harry, “Filthy” Harry Reid and his bagman, the Director of the BLM. Bring them before the grand jury and let the chips fall where they may. Moreover, I would suggest that people look at Ryan Bundy to run for Filthy Harry’s seat and identify new candidates to run for sheriff and for governor and to initiate a clean sweep of Nevada’s historically corrupt legislature and city governments. Toss them all out and jail those guilty of committing crimes against Nevadans. Can you hear the gasps and sucking sound coming out of WA DC?

    As far as the media goes, just continue to ignore the MSM, and go to alternative new sources and eventually, they too will fall by the wayside. This shows why it is so very important for citizens to become instant journalists to record events, as they transpire in real time and to get those recordings out before the people on You Tube, Micro FM stations or on an alternative to the Internet as soon as possible.

    We are in an intense information war and we cannot afford to loose the battle for hearts and minds.

    Josey Wales

    1. The same Josey Wales that posts articles on BIN?

      Just curious. Don’t think I’ve seen you post here before.

  3. Blocking acsess to private property then passing a law giving the State the right to do so to you is even worse. Come live in IL. Were the State has the right to block acsess to private property because they wish to have it for there own with out paying for it. Time for revolt over such it is.

  4. oooooooooooooooooooooh metro and the crown sherry iff responded they came well armed to kidnap ppl and to protect there fellow crown buddies not the ppl wake up it is not your government it is the crowns sherry iffs and policy enforcers
    they did not get in front of the ppl to protect them they cowered behind pickups with automatic weapons pointed at the ppl they brought large paddy wagons to kidnap you and take you to the kings dungeon to extort all they could from you they said they would shoot you to protect there fellow crown buddies they steal and murder you daily but its next time eh

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