Burning Man is Moving in Directly Next Door to Bundy Ranch. Meet ‘Bundyfest.’

Burning Man's official ambassador to Planet Bundy?Politix – by Dain Fitzgerald

Rancher Cliven Bundy can now add hippies and assorted steampunks to the federal government on his list of “People I Wish Would Go Away.”

Raw Story reports that some folks involved with the annual Burning Man festival plan on staging a counter-standoff to the one currently taken up by Bundy in his ongoing challenge to the feds over grazing rights. The video below posted by progressive activist Sean Shealy details the plan for a month-long shindig to be held after the official Burning Man proceedings that will take place directly across from Bundy Ranch. The “anything goes” action promises hundreds of bands, as many as 50,000 revelers, “total freedom,” and of course full nudity.  

“You’re free to let it all hang out right there, just like Bundy’s cattle,” says Shealy, in no uncertain and definitely mocking terms.

The Facebook page for the event is stuffed with goodies to positively tickle the feathers – perhapsliterally – of fellow progressives who think Bundy and pals are the otherworldly weirdos in the culture war games. For example this video, in which Shealy dresses up as an “anonymous militia member” who voices his support for what’s being dubbed “BundyFest.” There’s even a picture of Reagan by his side, presumably to boost his credibility.

“Howdy patriots,” Shealy starts off, before encouraging said patriots to come out and support BundyFest.

“How will goof-ball Sean Hannity deal with this?” writes one supporter of the event to be held Sept. 5th through Oct. 5th. “If he supports Bundy…then he has to support BundyFest too! LOL.”

“I have roughly 30 tons of medical waste,” added another. “Can I bring it with me?”

But Shealy’s true M.O. just might, possibly be less divisive than all of the above would suggest. One Facebook entry calls for commenters to be “nicer to one another,” and claims that “nothing that happened in Nevada – from anybody on either side – merits pulling someone’s leg off.” And a recent post of Shealy’s at iNFORMATION PRESS complaints that the US has become the “divided states of America.”

Indeed, there may be more in common between the Bundy and Burning Man camps than meets the eye (which will no doubt be struck by their very different styles of dress – or lack of any). Libertarian author Brian Doherty’s This is Burning Man is considered an authoritative work on the desert festival held unofficially since the 1980s. Doherty is also the author of a book on the Ron Paul movement. Coincidence? Doherty certainly thinks not.

Reason‘s Jesse Walker wrote in 2005 that the “hippie and the redneck can be friends.” Come late summer, we might see about that.

Via Raw Story and BundyFest.


12 thoughts on “Burning Man is Moving in Directly Next Door to Bundy Ranch. Meet ‘Bundyfest.’

  1. Someone ought to find this guy and put him back in the insane asylum.

    So is this what the elite are trying to pull now? An Occupy movement against the militia? Trying to get us to fight each other any way they can, so they don’t have to? This looks just like it.

    I’m wondering if Soros is funding this little operation. I wouldn’t put it past them. The bastard must be really running out of ideas in his Zionist playbook. Although, I don’t see them dragging this Bundy thing on for an entire summer when they are running out of time as it is. Anyways, follow the money, people.

  2. The guy in the video is joking! “Bundy should be able to graze on public lands for free”

    Well, for more depth on this, in 1993, the BLM jumped on the desert tortoise scare, and reduced allowable cattle to 150, for anyone who wanted to accept the new grazing rights arrangement. This is what put the other Clark County ranchers out of business. Bundy went to loggerheads at that point, and wrote a check to Clark County, but they refused payment. The Dept. of Interior also has a history of invalidating the water and foraging rights people have bought over the years, and even old deeds to land.

  3. Dont worry. The burners arent going to show up. Its a bunch of months and a tripped out festival in the sand from now. They will forget and have better things to do.
    I know a lot of people who go and while some of them are anti gun and pro turtle MOST all of them are anti establishment more than anything.

  4. Follow the links and watch the videos for yourself. I don’t think the founders of “Bundyfest” are dong this as any kind of counter-protest. Only the author of this article says that, but I don’t see a hint of it in any of their video or written posts. Granted, they may be a bit strange, but they’re not the enemy.

    Here it is from the Bundyfest founder via the Las Vegas Sun:

    “Update: The Las Vegas Sun has an interview with Shealy, wherein the notion that he’s extending a kind of smarmy olive branch to conservatives is backed up. He claims that militias “will be needed” at BundyFest, and that “if the militias are acting on principle, then they will defend our rights, as well.”

    I think the author has his own reasons for wanting to create a conflict that doesn’t exist.

  5. How much are the taxpayers in the bag for this staged crap? Bet they all paid there Obamacare health care premiums…right.

  6. My brother went to Burning Man for years. Then all of a sudden, he stopped going.

    He said it changed.

  7. Lets see them do that. Mr Bundy has a melon patch as well as cattle, Hippies get the munchees. Sounds like a big win if he does it right. BBQ , Melons and Ice, Cowboys and militia for security. That would really pucker up Harry.

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