Bus Tour Promotes Universal Background Checks

KFYI 550 News

A 25-state bus tour stopped in Phoenix on Wednesday to promote universal background checks for gun purchases.

The “No More Names” tour gets its name from the wish that there be no more lists of victims of gun violence.  

Supporters of the universal background checks call the proposal a “common sense” policy aimed at trying to prevent guns falling into the wrong hands through private gun sales.

Local advocates were joined at a news conference at Burton Barr Library in downtown Phoenix by various Valley mayors and state lawmakers.  State Senator Katie Hobbs said “The ‘No More Names’ bus tour is all about keeping the pressure on our elected officials to actually do something about gun violence, and we think universal background checks are a really common sense legislation that doesn’t impede the second amendment.”

Opponents of universal background checks were also present.  Ed Swann told KFYI News, “I have yet to have anybody explain to me how this would further protect law-abiding citizens from harm… This isn’t about public safety or protecting people.  It’s about using a tragedy to incrementally move the bar further toward state control.”

He said laws already on the books are sufficient to try to keep guns out of the wrong hands, without passing new laws.

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6 thoughts on “Bus Tour Promotes Universal Background Checks

  1. I found a new date!
    Tuscon – July 5th @ 12:00 Noon
    St. Odilla Church
    7570 North Paseo Del Norte
    Tuscon, AZ 85704

      1. Thanks, diggerdan. 🙂
        This is the first info. I’ve seen since June 25th. There’s been a definite blackout. I was shocked when the AZ info. popped up today (after the fact, for Phoenix).

    1. So far, the only thing I’ve found re. today’s Tucson rally has been a No More Names “Official Press Release”…Blah, blah, blah..Propaganda. (and that was just posted a few minutes ago)
      However, I accidentally ran across 2 New Dates.
      Monday – July 8th – 9:30 AM – Paradise Park (Vegas)
      Tuesday – July 9th – 10:15 AM – Pebble Park (Henderson)
      Wish I could give more details, but that’s all the nevada shooters posted and all I’ve found (so far).

      1. Paradise Park
        4775 McLeod Drive
        Las Vegas, NV 89121

        Pebble Park
        8975 Topaz Street
        Henderson, NV 89074

        1. You are realy good Angel. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it. 🙂 Yes we do really appreciate it Thankyou Angel.

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