California governor outlaws paparazzi drones, days after approving police UAVs

A small drone helicopter operated by a paparazzi records singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter (not seen) as she rides the Cyclone rollercoaster while filming a music video on Coney Island in New York August 29, 2013 (Reuters/Carlo Allegri) RT

A bill preventing paparazzi from targeting celebrities with camera-equipped drones has been signed by California Governor Jerry Brown, just days after he was criticized for shooting down a bill requiring police to obtain a warrant to use a drone.

The law, approved on Tuesday, bans the use of a drone to capture images and record voices of people who did not give their permission for it.   

The bill’s author, Ed Chau, applauded the governor for keeping the state’s legislation abreast with modern technology.

As technology continues to advance and new robotic-like devices become more affordable for the general public, the possibility of an individual’s privacy being invaded substantially increases,” he said, as cited by AFP.

Earlier, Sean Burke, founder of the Paparazzi Reform Initiative, campaigning for stronger privacy laws, said drones were a “huge privacy concern.”

The National Press Photographers Association, however, opposed the bill, arguing it could restrict journalists’ ability to gather news.

We believe that there are appropriate laws in place to deal with these kinds of issues, whether it’s trespassing, stalking or harassment,” the association’s General Counsel Mickey Osterreicher said, as cited by the Orange County Register. “To single out what is ostensibly a First Amendment-protected activity becomes problematic. There’s a clear distinction between having a reasonable expectation of privacy in your own home and being out in public. There are enough measures on the books to deal with that without having to draft one of these laws.”

Days before restricting drone use for paparazzi, Brown granted more freedom of drone use to the state’s police.

On Sunday, the governor vetoed the Drone Accountability Act, which would have required police agencies to obtain a warrant before using an unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, for surveillance.

One of that act’s authors, Republican Assemblyman Jeff Gorell, commented on the veto by saying that it shows “the era of government surveillance continues.”

2 thoughts on “California governor outlaws paparazzi drones, days after approving police UAVs

  1. Scratch the surface a bit and you’ll see that all of these nice, friendly, and politically correct liberals are no different than any other Nazi son-of-a-bitch.

    The more “liberal” a politician is, the deeper he/she is in service to the Zionists.

    Liberal causes are communist stepping-stones, and every single liberal cause has been funded by the Zionists. A “grass-roots movement” only means that the Zionists are concealing their funding, and making it seem like a popular cause. The American people can only barely think for themselves.

  2. The real power in California is the Head of the Senate Darrel STEINBURG. Jerry Brown is a communists who’s father almost runined California, He almost ruined again in the 1970s, and now he’s somehow defying termlimits and in there again to finnish the job!!!!

    Governor MOONBEAM as we call him was installed as a rubber stamp for what is to come. Nothing more. He never held a real job in his life and is a worthless parasite.

    Lot of good people here, but the elections are rigged, and at this point there is no fixing the government here short of a major insurecton. Kosher Mafia runs the state. Only way to fix it at this point is war. Everything else has been tried.

    Why are people surprised? This is what COMMUNISTS do!

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