California Police Officers At Anti-Lockdown Protest Appear To STAND DOWN After Marine Vet With Megaphone Challenges Their Integrity

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Protesters in several California cities, including San Francisco, Huntington Beach, and Sacramento rallied on Friday, May 1st, with huge protests against Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s hyper restrictive coronavirus stay-at-home order.

In Sacramento, the state’s capital, a packed crowd of thousands of protesters faced off with lines of police officers in full riot gear.

According to The Guardian, “The California Highway Patrol (CHP) had announced that it would be barring protests at the Sacramento state capitol because of a lack of social distancing by participants at a previous rally, but protesters gathered on the steps of the building regardless, chanting ‘Whose house? Our house!’”

“Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” chanted other Sacramento protesters, according to video footage recorded by California resident Joshua Coleman

In Coleman’s video, a Marine veteran named Cordie Lee Williams can be seen speaking into a megaphone, challenging California police officers to “stand down.”

“In the face of tyranny, in the face of freedom, are you going to sit there in your riot gear against peaceful protesters?” asked Williams.  “Or are you going to say, ‘you know what, it’s time to stand up for my country.  Because I took an oath of office and it said, ‘I will defend all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Williams continued, “You might lose your job, but I’d rather lose my job than lose my soul.

“What are you going to tell your little boy or your little girl tonight? That you took your baton and you crushed somebody’s skull, who was a mom? Is that what a tough guy does? That’s not what honor, courage, and commitment means in the Marine Corps.”

Williams then directly challenged the officers’ integrity, “We always have in the military, we have ‘what’s a lawful order.’  And you’ve gotta check your nutsack when you’re given an order, and you’ve gotta say, ‘is this a lawful order or is this a bullshit order?’

“When something’s a bullshit order, and it doesn’t pass the sniff test,” Williams said, “that’s when you say, ‘Sergeant,’ that’s when you say, ‘Colonel,’ that’s when you say, ‘General,’ that’s when you say, ‘Governor, I’m not doing that.  I didn’t sign up for that.”

Shortly after Williams challenged the officers to ‘stand down,’ the officers appeared to retreat and leave the location.

WATCH the viral footage of Marine Corps veteran Cordie Lee Williams challenging the California police officers’ integrity here:

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11 thoughts on “California Police Officers At Anti-Lockdown Protest Appear To STAND DOWN After Marine Vet With Megaphone Challenges Their Integrity

  1. Oh gee, again, so mixed up. Trumpisms seeping through. At 6:30 – 6:43 he says that “President Trump” knows about this. Also @ 9:34 – 9:42 doc says he “won’t resist.” And that ubiquitous chant: “USA, USA!!” The protest for The Bill of Rights will be the TRUE protest, for it won’t advance any corrupt politician or any tyrannical government. Right there on the spot, when that guy mentioned Trump, it should have been made clear to him that his “president” stomped on due process and on the 2nd Article, and that his “president” is Israel’s front-man, involved in ruthless wars and Orwellian surveillance/police state. This bs has to stop because while some protest the lock-down they simultaneously solidify status-quo, and unfortunately those are the ones the media pics up on, assuring that the left/right lie will remain solidly in place. If that doctor and those who align with his message are not willing to go the distance for freedom, then they are aiding the enemy, no matter how much they “pray.”


    1. Bingo, Galen. They’re in the parking lot of the stadium but not in the ballpark, so to speak. It’s so frustrating and sad to call good people who are brainwashed your enemy and have to potentially treat tthem as one, but all is fair…but not our choosing. Regardless, it’s of the utmost importance to reinstate our Republic and defense of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

      1. Thanks, Martist. Maybe to get inside the stadium you have to be willing to hit a home-run. 🙂


  2. Someone in the video mentions the cops are just doing a shift change. That looked to be the case as only half of them left after a few minutes. They do as they’re told. They aren’t paid to think, just do.

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