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The time has come for all American’s to stand for their individual Constitutional Rights, and leave no farmer behind. It is going to take many people getting active today, making phone calls to the politicians, and by using their social media outlets to awaken and alert their friends to the war on for their food.

Mark Baker, of Bakers Green Acres is one farmer who has taken the bull by the horns, so to say. Baker has been stoic in his stand against the Michigan DNR’s attempt at shutting down his family farm. A proud husband, father, and Veteran, Baker is taking a stand for your individual Constitutional Rights. He has gone so far as to throw his hat in the ring for Sheriff of Missaukee County Michigan. Would you? America needs you.  

I urge you to support Baker in his fight against the tyrannical food ‘authorities’ of this nation and all the tramplers of our beloved US Constitution. Granted we all realize that the fight is bigger than just food, but if we fail to stop these tyrannical beasts at the farm gate, they will soon control all the food and all the people.

Without access to real foods we will become subject only to government approved food sources in the very near future. Are you comfortable with only having processed, irradiated, and pasteurized foods on your table? Are you willing to only consume the GMO foods Monsanto chooses for you to eat? Eat GMO’s and die, or eat free and live. The choice is yours.

Most recently when the BLM had placed 11 sniper teams surrounding the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Americans responded Constitutionally with Militia units from across the country to prevent a government planned disaster of an American rancher, Cliven Bundy. If the proper and lawful use of the Second Amendment ushers in a new era of peace for our farmers then so be it. If you were offended by the Militia and their response to government tyranny then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

If you think that the only answer to the problem is to act as a ‘community’ and band together for ‘community rights’ you have already been sucked into the rabbit hole of the false left right paradigm. Pull yourself up out of that rabbit hole and get yourself a copy of the US Constitution. Read it. Then, take an oath to uphold and defend that Constitution, and start sharing your new found knowledge with your friends. Invite them over a home cooked, farm fresh meal, and let them taste the sweet flavors of real food freedom.

From the makers of  American Hogwash:
A public service message to all citizens who care about what food they put into their body.

It’s time to step up to the plate and get educated on what’s going down in our country. Decisions are being made without your vote or approval.

Farmers across the nation are ready to fight for their right to grow their own food. Are you ready to support them?

2 thoughts on “Call to Farms: Michigan

  1. I am supporting Green Acres by buying a couple of pigs to roast for my wedding reception. I hope others stand up with Mark and support our rights.

  2. I support local farmers and actually grow a bit me self,have too much give away,am sure illegal somehow but I really don’t give a damn about dumb laws.

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