Judges should not legislate

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If a federal judge says that any state law on Immigration cannot stand as it is unconstitutional or for any other reason, two things ought to happen:

1. The judge should be made to pay all the expenses incurred by all the illegal immigrants in the state in question, not the Taxpayers; and

2. The judge should be removed from the bench for legislating.

Those federal judges should be made to realize the “living Constitution” has no place in America. For those not familiar with the term “living Constitution,” that is when a judge interprets the real Constitution to mean just what the judge wants it to mean. As an example, a federal judge ruled you can’t have prayer in the schools, and it obviously makes no difference to the judge that the guys who wrote the Constitution got up the next day and sent their children off to school where they prayed.

These judges have interpreted “separation of church and state” to mean that you may have some morals in your church, but you are not having any morals in the state.

Robert J. Byrne

One thought on “Judges should not legislate

  1. The usurper (the Executive) legislates, why can’t the Judiciary?

    ..it’s only fair you RACIST!

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