22 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. An unequivocal argument for retro-active birth control.

    I say we take these little f#@kers and kick their asses over to China where they belong. They will go down in history as traitors. Our progeny will spit on them.

  2. We need to hunt down all these “crisis actors” and make them tell the truth to the American people and if they refuse- the penalty for treason knows no age limit -.33 cents each- rope is getting more expensive. This lunacy has gone on for FAR too long ! It needs to end NOW!

  3. Human props.

    Like a Carrot top Vegas show.

    Heck…they might as well put muppets on the cover.

    Or…maybe Oscar the grouch pointing a gun at his head.

    Threatening to take out the trash.

  4. Perfect little socialists believe what they are told to, and couldnt muster an original thought if their immature young lives depended on it.

    Don’t teenagers always think they know more than everyone else, or did that just used to happen? Yeah, right, lets listen to the most well-programmed/brainwashed children who think they know it all!

    Looks like they are even still challenged with how to dress themselves, unless its just like each other?

  5. These little brats should be taken behind the wood shed for an attitude adjustment until they figure out there are consequences for actions, Hows that go? Spare the rod, spoil the child?

  6. The back ground of each would be appalling. The mother and father married and together? The family unit in complete break down and now they have a collective cause. Wait until they HAVE TO work to pay for clothes food and rent not to mention items like their own car, taxes….or even a public transit card. Do they all want to let government take over their lives?

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