20 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. ” Trumps Team Police State Goons.”

    ” A Taze a Day Keeps the Mischief Away.”

    “Meet My Law and Order Squad.”

    1. Yea, funny how they are all white in that pic. No Mexican, blacks or anyone else. Just Fascist looking cops. Tell me that wasn’t planned.

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    Well,.. I don’t know about a good caption, but you can be damn sure the likes of Stalin, Lenin, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Mao Tse Tung, Poe Pot, Robert Mugabe, Xi Jinping, Kim Jung Un, Netanyahu, and every other psychopath dictator and wanna-be dictator would fully approve of this picture!

    “Hi,.. I’m Donald Trump*, and these are my wanna-be Chekist’s, Brown Shirts, Black Shirts, SA, SS, Gestapo, Stasi, NKVD, KGB, FSB, Oprichinki, Hongweibing,, Santebal, Jinyiwei, Tokko, BLM, TSA, DHS type friends,… you know,… your future executioners.”

    *Note: I’m Donald Trump – and I approved this message.


  3. LOL you stupid lemmings wait till you see my Pig State! Oh and were gonna get yer guns and ramp up the rapeugee invasion!

  4. What? You stole some Halloween Candy? Your in deep doo-doo!

    Observation. Why is it they all are buzzed cut or shaved bald? What’s up with that? Why is it they have no hair? Maybe it’s because they got no balls to grow it on!

  5. “We’re not queer, we just spend a lot of time together. Don’t look gay…..don’t look gay….smile for the camera and don’t look gay.”

    1. Well tc, they still look queer as $3.00 bills to me. It’s impossible for them to look anything but gay!

      “I want to put something in you….at the gay bar, gay bar, gay bar!”

  6. Captain dick head and all his badged pubic hairs
    Would like to stomp your skull in

    They have a two sided badge
    Will work for tyranny or
    Will work for the tranny

    These guys have zero loyalty
    If Hitlery wins , you’d see the same schmucks standing beside her with the same message
    “Mess up and we’ll stomp your head in”

    Wait and see , I know I’m not wrong

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