4 thoughts on “Carl Klang – Hang Em High

  1. most excellent video and song.I only hope we have enough restraint to make these empty suits IDENTIFY the ownerS of the handS stuck up their backsides making their lips move,these petty lil shits are not the planners ,we must track down and EXTERMINATE the masters of these treasonous nothings.We must root them from their lairs of evil forgetting all compassion and human emotions. They must be completely removed from our HUMAN planet then we can play “hangup em high”

  2. Great Song. But, I think hanging em would be too time consuming and labor intensive. I’d suggest a couple of Army and Marine divisions surround the Capitol, White House, and maybe even the Supreme Court and tell em “they have one hour to start solving the nation’s problems they’ve created OR we’re gonna start shooting them at a rate of a six pack an hour” That should get their attention.. I bet things would get fixed then and fast. Politics would quickly be put aside.

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