One thought on “Carl Klang – We Want This Country Back

  1. Nice song but he bought into the same “carp” (deliberate miss spell) that so many bought into. Our legitimate government is not gone – it is not being ENFORCED. Big difference.

    We have criminals in the representatives of all three federal branches and some state governments branches. Plus we have criminal LEO’s, and criminal military who all have committed crimes – both criminal and civil – and are all arrestable and prosecutable.

    But hey, instead of REQUIRING their arrests so they can be prosecuted according to OUR laws – let’s let them take over our nation with lies, deceit, propaganda; using criminals in uniforms on our streets (airports, train stations, bus stations, events, and soon high school events); subliminal messages on TV’s, computers, Cell Phones, etc to keep everyone calm and not doing anything, feeling helpless.

    It is UP TO US to demand their arrests.

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