Cashing In At $4 Million: Lanny Breuer Goes Home After A Job Badly Done

Common Dreams – by Abby Zimet

After inexplicably failing to bring any prosecutions of Wall Street executives who crashed the economy in his alleged job heading the criminal division at the Justice Department, Lanny Breuer is returning to his old firm Covington & Burling, where he will defend the same large corporations he worked so hard to protect at the DOJ. He will reportedly make $4 million in his first year in a vice-chairmanship created especially for him at the huge corporate firm, which, now that he’s effortlessly glided through the ever-lucrative public-to- private-sector revolving door, he hopes to help “move forward in dynamic and important ways.”  

“Nothing is more corrosive to the American people’s trust in government than the revolving door where too many officials turn their so-called public service into multi-million dollar riches unimaginable to most Americans …This blatant cashing-in is destroying faith in government and government officials.” – Dennis Kelleher of the public interest group Better Markets.

One thought on “Cashing In At $4 Million: Lanny Breuer Goes Home After A Job Badly Done

  1. The fascist traitor and shameless pig-f#@ker Lanny Breuer should be thrown in the street, horse-whipped until he pisses all over himself, horse-whipped some more, then hung by the neck from the closest tree branch or light pole. The offices of Covington & Burling should have its doors barred, with the degenerates that work there and the directors that run that pit of vipers forced to stay inside, and the building burnt to the ground. Enough is enough.

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