Catherine Austin Fitts: Trump Has A Greenlight From The US Military-Intelligence Services

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“Hillary has to go to jail.” Donald Trump

Catherine Austin Fitts told Greg Hunter that Donald Trump could not go after Hillary without the permission of the US Military and Intelligence services. She also said that her personal experience with Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Charlie Black convinces her that Trump has the best men in American politics at dishing dirt. Catherine is a former managing partner at Dillon Read Investment Bank and served as Housing Commissioner under George H W Bush. Catherine suffered from excessive honesty and was run out of Washington. She was subsequently been sued and investigated at least 19 times.  

Nobody seems to understand the significance of Trump having a Greenlight.

These men are at the highest levels of the US Military and Intelligence circles. They know that if Hillary wins in November, they are at a bare minimum ending their careers and quite possibly in some cases signing their death warrants.

That would include former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Michael Flynn. He said Obama made ISIS what it is. The general is now working with Donald Trump.

Of course these men have access to Hillary’s emails as does Putin, the Chinese, the Iranians and just about any spy agency with a computer. And they probably know of the frauds committed by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at their Foundation. Charles Ortel told us that the Clintons siphoned off more than $100 billion from donations to their Foundation. That money was intended for the victims of hurricane Katrina, the Haitian earthquake in 2010 and Africans suffering from AIDS amongst others.

Who is so cruel that they would steal billions of dollars from Haitian people so poor they are reduced to eating mud pies? #Cruel Hillary is. That’s who.

All US Presidents since George H W Bush in 1989 have had direct links to the CIA and to either the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Society. In 1976 American voters were given two choices. Democrat Carter was a member of the Trilateral Commission headed by David Rockefeller in North America and by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in Europe. Republican Ford was a member of the Bilderberg Society headed by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in Europe and by David Rockefeller in North America.

2016 could be different because Americans might be given a choice between Corruption and Reform.

$8.5 trillion has gone ‘missing’ from the Pentagon budget since 1996. That is trillions of dollars taken from taxpayers’ pockets under Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama.

If we subtracted $8.5 trillion from the national debt of nearly $20 trillion, we would not quite be so close to economic collapse. If President Clinton had backed Brooksley Born in her attempt to regulate Credit Default Swaps against pressure from Rubin, Greenspan, Summers (Samuelson) and Levitt, we would be in a far healthier position. And if Glass Steagall had not been repealed under Clinton as well, we would be far and away ahead of where we are. Where we are is a few weeks or months away from an economic crisis far worse than 1929-1939. Ten million Americans or more could starve to death this time.

America is choking to death on corruption.

The US Military has been asked to fight wars against ISIS and Al Qaeda even though we have funded them contrary to US law. It has been illegal since 911 to give aid to Al Qaeda. ISIS is Al Qaeda in Iraq. And Al Nusra is Al Qaeda in Syria. Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and most members of the House and senate are guilty of treason.

In 2011 Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had to go to the White House at midnight and tell Obama that he would have a mutiny in the military if he went ahead with his massive bombing campaign of Syria.

It was at that time that the US and Russian military started direct talks so they could avoid WW III.

Legendary financial analyst Jim Rickards has been advising both the CIA and the Pentagon since 2001. He has said that when the dollar is devalued against foreign currencies, the price of imported goods will rise 500%. Catherine Austin Fitts has also said Americans will face hard choices and times when the economy collapses.

Catherine has also said that if you rewrite the economic model of the US to eliminate corruption and crony capitalism that the economy goes straight up.

The US Military might like to scale back form overseas commitments when they know for certain that we will also be asking them to stop Nationwide Food Riots at home.

The 60,000 Special Ops commandos might like to scale back from doing operation in 134 countries as they did in 2014. Maybe the US Military does not want to take on Iran as Hillary said we should. Iran has 3 million soldiers if they call up their ready reserves. They have rocket artillery with 1,300 pound warheads and a range of 130 miles. They are capable of sinking the US Persian Gulf fleet. The Iranians have sufficient numbers of missiles and drones to take out every base in US Central Command. Iran has 100,000 militia men in Iraq who can take on US soldiers and everyone in Baghdad’s Green Zone. That would be after every US base and the Green Zone had already been hit with fuel air explosives.

The Russians could use their Khibiny Electronic Warfare System to scramble US electronics in the region to neutralize any NATO counterattack. That would be a minimal response considering Iran and Russia are members of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) alliance with China.

Professional soldiers do not accept suicide missions no matter how many donations Washington politicians have taken from the Jewish Lobby.

The US Military and Intelligence services might very well be aware that America cannot survive 4 more years of corruption if combined with a devastating economic collapse far worse than 1933.

As I already said, 3 million Americans starved to death in the Great Depression. We could easily lose 10 million or more if we have Race Wars as Wall Street seems to want. Just what is George Soros doing stirring up riots? And the Ford Foundation has been promoting Mexican nationalism in the US. Just where do you think all those people with ‘Make America Mexico again’ signs got their ideas?

That Greenlight to send Hillary to jail could easily take down the Bush Crime family as well. They helped the Clintons steal billions in relief efforts. It might even get out of hand and the American voters could learn that Israel did 911. They might even demand criminal investigations into dozens of other murders ranging from Michael Hastings to JFK, RFK, MLK Jr and JFK Jr.

We have never before experienced a political and economic volcano of this magnitude.

All we do know is that Donald Trump was given a Greenlight for Phase One. What happens next? Who knows?

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4 thoughts on “Catherine Austin Fitts: Trump Has A Greenlight From The US Military-Intelligence Services

  1. So what if he’s the best at “dishing dirt”, what difference does that make. Teflon Hillary has “spread eagled” herself in full view of the media for years. (WARNING: Do not visualize!)

    No, the whole kit and kabootal needs a good kick in the keister! 😆 It’s a running embarrassment, this election, this soap opera. The whole world has to be belly laughing at this $hit. “Stupid Americans, ball less Nubians, most are totally blind to their enslavement.”

    I have no remorse for the stupid. You can’t fix stupid. One also finds you can’t fix an exploiter, it’s part of their nature, like a pedophile. So, where there’s an ample supply of stupidity, they’ll be an ample supply of shysters to service them, you can’t “fix” human nature.

    Now, Trump has the “Thumbs Up” from the “spooks”, I guess the meeting went well. Catherine Austin Fitts has balls, big balls. “I’ve got the biggest balls of them all!” 😆

  2. So we need government permission to put a politician in jail? WTF? Who the hell does she think she is?

  3. There may be plenty of people in the military who want to see an end to the Bush-Clinton dynasty (which includes Uncle Tom Obama), but they may only be doing so to save their own lives and cash-cows.

    Trump was sent in to prevent a revolution, on all levels, but he’ll change nothing. Hillary will be sacrificed, Trump will be elected, and the idiots will relax, in the mistaken belief that they actually have a say in what’s going on.

    If there’s a revolution, the Zionists lose everything, so they’d gladly slow down their New World Order plans, for another generation if necessary, until the population is ready to accept it without rebellion. That’s why they’re always working hard on the next generation.

    In the meantime, they’ll just put another puppet in place to keep the population calm (Trump), while they continue looting and selling the nation’s resources.

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