Everyone does their share in this fight, because everyone knows how important it is to our families, our country, and ourselves. Some people have operated under the radar because the truth would cost them their livelihood, but they still made the arguments, circulated the DVDs, and asked the right questions, all so that the light of truth would someday beam down on another American, and help to save this country from those who would destroy it, and kill us all in the process.

We’ve withstood all manner of slander, the loss of friends and lovers, ostracization, false arrest, and even death, all in this endless quest to educate our fellow Americans to the hidden dangers that lurk behind the public consciousness, and are kept hidden there by deceit, and a propaganda machine so refined and comprehensive that it borders on mass mind-control, if it doesn’t define it.  

The process has been going on before any of us were part of it, or even born for that matter, but the proper use of the internet has allowed the truth to move from the sole possession of a few researchers and their self-published books, to becoming common knowledge among the majority of Americans.

Ben Freedman, Major Jordan, and several others toured the country giving speeches. Eustace Mullins published the books. Myron Fagon released it on a six-record set. Henry Ford gave out a copy with every Model “T”. Presidents were assassinated, Charles Lindbergh lost a baby, and in between all the famous patriots who worked to spread the truth, there are millions of Americans who simply learned it from their parents.

The truth isn’t new; it’s timeless. We’re just the latest people to carry the torch, and we’ve had at our disposal the means to reach more people than our predecessors. We’re also the first to see how many other people are on our side.

We also never lose people, but instead our movement only moves in one direction, because once a person does see through the lies, they never return to the liars for more information, but instead they seek more truth, and discover that there’s a whole world that’s been hidden from them, and their ancestors. They also come to understand very quickly how important it is to disseminate this truth, especially now that the architects of our destruction have initiated their “end game”, from which there can be no retreat.

As you are probably aware, the wide dissemination of truth has put those who would rule over us in a state of panic, as it should panic them, and anyone else who’s made a killing by killing Americans.

More accurately; those who attempt to rule over us had assumed we were all fools, and what has them panicked is the realization of their arrogant assumption being far off the mark. As it happens, we’ve solved all their crimes, spread the truth across the nation, and found all of them guilty in our virtual common law courts on the internet. And all of this happened while they foolishly thought we were the fools, and that the few who knew the truth could easily be discredited.

They thought our numbers were small, and easily kept under control via the usual controlled-dissent and propaganda tactics. They’re panicking now because they’ve discovered that we’re now the majority, and we understand how their games of propaganda and controlled dissent are played.

They had no idea how far the truth had spread under the radar, or that a hundred million Americans have freed themselves from the mental bondage of their propaganda machine, so they therefore continued their crimes, and in their arrogance, continued to assume we were all hoodwinked. They know better now, and it’s giving all of them nightmares of the gallows, when they can sleep at all.

Recently, the public statements made by several of our insurgent government’s more notable criminals have hinted at a future of internet censorship, and of course, they never hint at removing your rights at all without some deceitful claim that it’s all for your own good, or the good of this nation.

They’re probably aware that their newest lies won’t be very convincing, but since they have lost control a population that was formerly controlled by deceit, their only option for remaining in power is to censor all truth that exposes their criminality and treason. They’re calling it “fake news”, and claiming it undermined our election process, or they’re calling it “Russian propaganda”, and framing us all as Russian dupes for spreading it.

Obviously it’s desperate nonsense, but what choice do they have other than to grasp for one last straw of their lost credibility, and hope this final lie will suffice to cover the rest of them?

No form of censorship has ever been in the public interest, and in fact, it’s always been the hallmark of despots, dictators, and criminal governments throughout history. This is why the authors of our Bill of Rights made freedom of speech their top priority, with the insurance granted by the right to bear arms right behind it. They knew that once truth was suppressed, war would become necessary if Americans were to live in freedom. They understood the effect of power on human behavior, and they knew it was crucial for Americans to keep a wary eye on their government, and always be critical of it.

Truth never needs to have its opposing arguments suppressed; it withstands all scrutiny, and conquers its opposition with the purity, and infallibility of its mere existence. None of the lies or slander against it last very long, and because of this fact, censorship becomes the only remaining option for tyrants whose power depends on their populations being deceived.

Their newest tactic involves threatening website owners with treason investigations for exposing the truth, while congress quietly made their own lies perfectly legal.
They’re not going to scare off any website owners I know, because these websites’ purpose for existing is to restore and preserve our Bill of Rights. Americans have a civic duty to resist tyranny, and for the individual, that’s best done by refusing to have his constitutional rights infringed upon.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Twitter are not private companies. They’re publicly traded corporations chartered in America, and as such they’re bound by our laws, and cannot violate our Bill of Rights.

We’re living in a country where a privately owned bakery can be forced to make homosexually oriented wedding cakes in violation of their own morals and religious beliefs, so it’s certainly absurd to suggest that a publicly traded corporation can dictate what you can, and cannot say on the internet.

They’ll claim that the truth is racist, hurtful, hateful, ignorant, insane, uninformed, irresponsible, unsubstantiated, and of course, their latest laughable lament, that it’s all the work of the Russians, but they will never, ever debate you on the facts, for fear of having to face them. This is what forced the truth to move across the country without their knowledge of it happening. We don’t protest in the street, and we’re aware of the futility of voting, complaining to our “representatives” in Washington, or in initiating any legal action in our corrupt courts. We’ve had no hope for a return to sanity and justice other than spreading the truth to other Americans, which we happen to have done very successfully.

It’s hard to calculate how many people fought and died so you could enjoy the right of free expression. Will you now dishonor them all, and prove that they fought and died in vain because you’d rather be a Facebook fool than an American? You must not allow your voice to be censored, and you must resist the censorship of any voice, because the truth is usually the hardest voice to hear.

They’re going to turn the internet into another TV station, where no word can be uttered without Zionist approval, because not doing so will cost them their necks. I personally think it’s too late for them, and they may feel the same way, but what options do they have, and what options do you have?

We always knew we’d eventually arrive here, and now their survival depends on the truth being stifled, and your survival depends on it being brought into the light of day. We’re now playing for all the marbles, and this is no time to back down.

You may want to inform your ISP now that you’ll no longer be paying your bill if the internet is censored, and there will be no more on-line shopping, bill-paying, or Facebooking unless it can be done in accordance with the Bill of Rights, and if control of the internet has been placed in international hands, they’ll just have to extend those rights to the entire planet, or we’ll do it for them.

“The truth will out”, with or without Zionist-owned corporations trying to suppress it, and you should prepare to continue educating Americans in your community by collecting all of the information and teaching tools you can, before they’re scrubbed out of existence once again.

Organize and develop the means to defend your country, and your Bill of Rights against all enemies, foreign or domestic, and we’ll all do what needs to be done to make America great again, without the help of lying politicians. Just be a real American, and America will survive this, too.

— Jolly Roger

There is no week, nor day, nor hour, when tyranny may not enter upon this country, if the people lose their supreme confidence in themselves, and lose their roughness or defiance. Tyranny may always enter; there is no charm, no bar against it. The only bar against it is a large, resolute breed of men. — Walt Whitman

35 thoughts on “Censorship.

  1. Jolly Roger, excellent writing, every word!

    Yeah, the facade of those that would attempt to RULE us is up, and come completely off. They truly are the LAUGHING STOCK, and are panicking.

    Censorship, been going on for some time. I think of the free speech zones.
    They are just attempting to move it onto a larger platform. Whatever, go for it.
    You’ll never shut me up!

    1. Thank you, Katie. That’s a nice compliment coming from you, because you sound like a very intelligent woman when you call into the show, and I value your opinions.

  2. “We’ve had no hope for a return to sanity and justice other than spreading the truth to other Americans, which we happen to have done very successfully.”

    I agree, I think we are winning and will win the fight in the long run.

    Every time YouTube has tried to sell the idea of censorship the content makers and viewers dissent in mass and Google/YouTube always backs down and becomes covert.

    I think there will be a lot of blow back from any overt censorship, we are not Chinese peasants with a long history of bowing and scraping.

  3. “there is iron in your words” you speak the truth every word of it JR, and that makes NWO very unpredictable, with their psychiatric problems anything could happen, like tens thousands people die.

      1. Btw, the name tends to frustrate “libunists” when we meet at the crossroads with comments here, and there.
        “You expect me to believe that’s your real name?” or similar.
        Me: ‘Well, no’ or ‘It really is’ if it seems they’re gritting their teeth. (cheesy grin)

  4. This censorship bull reminds me that it is a very old tactic as seen in the gospel, the good news.
    Acts 5:28,29- Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man’s blood upon us.
    Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.

    When the evil one’s don’t want the truth to get out, they employ the old shut um up tactic. Old, very old tactic, which will only compel us to speak louder.

  5. JR
    you know I dig your words.. with out question

    Can I print this , and hand it out at my families Christmas Dinner?

    I’d like this to subtly get to a few of the “young college indoctrinated younger ones” in my extended family , before they completely are devoid of solid reasoning

    1. Thank you, Enemy, and yes, you most certainly can print this, and anything else I write.

      As I used to end my articles:
      “Anything written by Jolly Roger is the property of the American people, and the author hereby grants permission to copy, print, or post this article in its entirety anywhere you choose to.”

      I just watched that movie last night. (Enemy of the State). It was a pro-surveillance propaganda piece. I don’t know what year it came out, but it seemed like it was preparing us for what we’re seeing here today.

  6. As I was reading this, I couldn’t wait to finish to share it, but sadly, you lost half of the hundred million who got us here when you brought in the Zionists. I myself believe modern Israel is a false Israel, but fifty million of the conservatives that voted for change, back modern Israel. It makes no sense to share this and lose those allies. Of course, I will fight for your right to say what you wish, but sometimes it’s better to fight one battle before taking on another!

    1. You know what, Kevin? F#@k the 50 million conservatives that voted for change and every other treasonous son of a bitch that has participated in this treason, hence the very lie that Jolly is talking about.
      Listen clearly, coward. We will put every f#@king one of them to the sword and justly so, as they have betrayed us through their adherence to the Zionist lie. The Zionist infiltration is at the heart of the occupation of our country. Make no mistake; we will strike at the heart as it is the ultimate lie that has brought us back to Lexington and Concord.
      People like you better understand, we are not advocating for talking people to death, we aim to put them in the ground the ol’ Irish way, as they are traitors. Now you go ahead and kowtow to the spineless retards that participated in the latest treasonous foreign occupational election, and we will get on with our business.
      Unbelievable…A great article about truth, there are just some lies we have to protect or those who accept those lies will get mad at us. I think they better realize that we aim to put them in the ground for joining in that lie. So whether they read this article or not is in reality irrelevant.

      1. Henry, so how is it that we have gotten to this point? Did the Zionists smash through our streets, putting people in the ground, or did they do it covertly…almost silently? Try taking it back the way you say and die without even seeing the enemy that strikes you from miles away! You need to re-read the article. Jolly Roger understands that the ongoing revolution should be fought the same way that our enemy has been fighting us, and ONLY to be PREPARED to take it to the streets as a last resort. Covert erosion of the elite’s power is the only logical and most powerful way to fight them. Take them head on, and die like the early Colonists who (because of their ignorance) stood toe to toe with the superior forces of the British! Remember, just years before, the French were enemies. Without them, we would have lost the Revolution, as we will this one if you exclude 50,000,000 Christian conservatives, libertarians and Constitutionalists!

        1. I have no fear of Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, and so called Constitutionalists. To begin with, there is no such thing as conservative, liberal, or moderate. There is just the law or there is not. The common law is absolute and in fact, hence it can only be interpreted one way.
          As for your Constitutionalists, there is no constitution, as by every factual interpretation of law that document is breached beyond repair and your 50 million spineless adherents to treason will be facing 150 million pissed off patriots, representing the largest armed force to ever exist on planet Earth.
          I reject your notion of something I should fear from afar. The 50 million had better start fearing what is right next door. This isn’t the 1700s and we are far from without the resource and manpower we need to wipe our enemy from the face of the Earth. We are not sleazy, manipulating liars or those who accept such, like the Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, and so called Constitutionalists. The Zionists have never had any problem identifying us as soulless animals, hence goyim and their property and the good Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, and so called Constitutionalists have never had a problem bowing to the Zionist will.
          Don’t judge us by your own inadequacies or the lack of the resource for those of the past. I know the good Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, and so called Constitutionalists are cowards, as only cowards kowtow to an oppressor.
          I think you need to get your ass back over there with that pack of pussies over at Infowars and we will see you on the battlefield, that is if you don’t run away with the Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, and so called Constitutionalists. And f#@k the French, I guarantee you we don’t need them. And f#@k the technology, we are Americans. Whatever they create for a million dollars, we will destroy with $50 worth of parts from Radio Shack.
          Hope this clears it up for you buddy, and don’t go away mad, just go away, and keep telling yourself that the Jews are mighty and you are not, and may posterity forget you were ever our brother, coward.

    2. Kevin, is that you? Our Kevin that calls in during the first hour. If it is, you should know better than putting forth your comment.

      Not to worry though, Henry set you back on the straight and narrow path.

      1. Oh, and BTW, the “Zionism” I attack the most, “Christian” Zionism (see my bible blog URL below), is actually losing steam…some serious Christians just don’t like the notion that these “Christian” phonies put Israel on the same footing as Christ, and/or don’t like the notion that Palestinians deserve genocide. It doesn’t take another false prophesy from John Hagee to make folks realize today’s “Israel” is NOT God’s Israel!

        1. But, but, but Jimmy Swaggert loves Israel. Therefore, we must all bow to him and throw money! CNN had this big report about how Israel needs money, I’m surprised they didn’t show a joo biting down on a coin.

          Yerp, starving in the streets, no money for food when you spend everything on bullets.

          Does anyone really believe Israeli’s are “The Chosen Ones?” God didn’t say what they were chosen for.

          Joos, like termite ants, burrow away at the woodwork of society. Or a maggot infestation, even worse, a case of the “bush bandits”.

          I don’t like what these joos are doing to our republic. Resistance is a “no brainer.”

    3. “..but sadly, you lost half of the hundred million who got us here when you brought in the Zionists.”

      Got us where? To the Trump presidency? That’s not going to improve anything. They’re just throwing the public a bone because they fear revolution.

      But I think Henry made the argument better than I can.

  7. Bravo, JR. This in an homage to any activist anywhere that ever passed on a morsel of truth. We really needed your words. A Christmas present to the weary. Bless us one and all and keep us safe.

  8. Thanks, Jamal, Koyote, D.L., galen, and the rest of the crew. I’m glad you liked it, and hopefully it helps our cause.

  9. They’re going to turn the internet into another TV station…”

    Much of it already is, depending on the sites visited. That part of the internet will flourish.

    Good article, JR.

    Only one stupid poster in the bunch today. Encouraging.

  10. J.R.
    I had given up on speaking to the crowd.
    Now the millennial’s and most notably people in their eighty’s are asking me what does this mean.
    The MSM and congress are in a full blown panic, because they now know that they have lost the sheeple. Trump could either be a blessing or curse.
    I thought that he was part of the Hitlery team but the system has proven me wrong. Lets see how this plays out. Lots of people that do not do polls and are disgusted with this country and TPTB.
    I wish you all a Merry “Christ” mas!

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