Check out my racks!

Made from salvage and recycled parts sitting around for a couple of years. I think I’m finally making some progress. I knew I was keeping that stuff around for a reason. It’s like a science experiment. I want it to look like a jungle before harvest time.

Joe from the Carolina’s should be proud of me.

9 thoughts on “Check out my racks!

  1. all for using whatchewgot
    I just built a dome greenhouse
    the base was an old trampoline frame , already had the stanchions , i just flipped it on its back and am using pvc pipe for the dome framework

      1. Thanks
        Got less then 85$ into it so far,
        and just scored a storm door off a house that someone was throwing out , looks like it got tore off its hinges in a recent matter to me , gotta make a frame anyhow
        I bet I dont even break the 100$ mark in this thing
        and being in the North extending my grow times by a few months is like money in the bank (or mason jar , depending on how you roll)

      1. It’s legal in NV now.
        6 plants.
        At least according to the state.
        I have to set a trap in there.
        I think skunks are breaking in at night.
        I smell them in the morning.
        But they’re always gone…when I go in.
        I just can’t seem to figure out how they keep getting in there.

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