3 thoughts on “Chemtrails upon chemtrails

  1. They stopped around noon (for some unknown reason). It’s all blown away, and the skies are actually clear again.

    For now.

  2. yup in colorado skies too, but i noticed at moms in SD near Sturgis last time i was there, about yrs ago, skies blue every day, so i wonder if the areas are targeted? We dont have wknds w them here, on other blogs comments say there are night spays as well. Ours go from 7-3 or 4 A good site is Geoweatherengineering.org and Aircrap.org

  3. Yep. Welcome to my world. Ugh!

    Who knows, maybe you’ll start seeing dead birds falling out of the sky soon like they’ve been seeing in Boston.

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