China criticizes USA for 2nd Amendment

China’s Foreign Ministry attacks Second Amendment rights in U.S. — “One gun shot after another has left countless bullet holes in the American dream.”

Citizen Free Press

11 thoughts on “China criticizes USA for 2nd Amendment

  1. Hey Creepo, it’s Communism that is the “tumor.” It’s Communism that is the ANTI “Human rights” issue. You talk decency and compassion, but you are deadly and corrupt. You will be made to GO AWAY FOREVER.


  2. a lot of talk about something you’ll never understand ..until a few short seconds before they kill you

    yup it really is like that for idiots

  3. This is coming from a group that kills its own people if they spek out o’yea an kills their people for their organs , have forced slave labor on them as well. I bet they wish they had a 2A.

  4. Who’s gonna pay attention to a spokesperson who scribble their name 😉
    Anyway, it’s amendable, go fk with it, Srote…
    I don’t need no stinking amendment 🙂

  5. Sick Commie F$&ks! Sneaky bastards think they are the new Empire of the world, telling my everyone how to run their lives the Commie way.

    Fat chance! The little snake is in for a rude awakening if he steps foot in the US.

  6. Your fake concerns don’t work for 1 second on free individuals you sick, perverted, psychopathic c*nt! Try coming up to me as an individual without all your hired balls & saying any of this fake garbage & we’ll see who gets to walk away with their head held high! DT ALL COMMIES!!! DTTNWO!!!

  7. I guess if I held people in slavery and murdered my own people to sell their body parts, I’d be a little nervous about guns too. For these murdering mother f-kers to say anything about murder is f-king laughable. Better stay over there in China, you piece of shit, because if you come here we’ll turn your ass into fertilizer forthwith, you murdering f-king hypocrate.

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