Chinese Families show up for local high school lunch in Columbus, Ohio

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This is to confirm the info about Chinese in Ohio.

Someone who works at Gahanna High School, just outside of Columbus was surprised last Friday to see over 100 Chinese people of different ages, family groups, etc. who showed up for lunch. He said there was no advance notice to the staff.

Don’t know if this had any connection to the Wright Patterson conclave of Chinese officers that Hawk spoke about. My brother works in maintenance and said they usually get word of visitors so they can accommodate but not in this instance.

Feb 6, 2013

2 thoughts on “Chinese Families show up for local high school lunch in Columbus, Ohio

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    These Chinese “Enclaves” and “Economic Zones” are little more than covert “Command & Control” dissemination points.

    Let me be clear here,.. I have had extensive dealing with Chinese, especially when I was an Engineer for a company that was dealing with companies in China for several issues & supplies agreements.

    What I learned about the Chinese is that, they are the most decietful, lying, underhanded group of people I have ever had to deal with in my life. They make pathological liers like Obama look like saints.

    Secondly,.. if I were the Chinese, from a strategic and tactical point of view,… I would be doing the same exact thing.

    If I was little more than an advisor to them,.. this is exactly what I would be suggesting for them to undertake.

    Let there be no doubt in anyones mind about these “clusters” of Chinese suddenly popping up here in America the last two years,.. they are here to sieze control as soon as Ocrapo can disarm Americans,… or at least, try to disarm the simple majority of Americans.

    We need to reintroduce the “Chinese Exclusion Act” of California from the late 1800’s, early 1900 hundreds.

    We are getting VERY close to the party starting,.. stay frosty…

    JD – US Marines – Trusting Chinese is like trusting a used car salesman with your wallet…..

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