8 thoughts on “CIA Insider Tells 911 truth. Time to re-examine your World-view, America!

  1. The methodology of the demolition of the WTC has been well known for years.The primary question should not be how, but WHO was responsible. Those public figures in the know have been identified repeatedly, yet nothing has been done. As far as the public is concerned, those with questions will seek out the truth themselves. The rest will continue to believe the official fairey tale because thats what they want to believe.

  2. Proof that a projected 7D hologram was used, and NOT a plane, can be seen in the video @21:15. Watch the “alleged” plane’s left wing pass BEHIND a building which is located over 2-city blocks away.

    I have pointed this out before, and many assumed that this technology did not exist in 2001. This 7D holographic technology DID exist BEFORE 2001 but it was not KNOWN to exist by the general public until 2008.

    Bill Gates stepped-down as Microsoft CEO in January “2000”, and administrated a computer lab at MIT (that he funded/built in “1999”). This is when/where the technology of 7D holography was developed, and later utilized on 911.

  3. “…we are never going to know who they [the ‘4-5 people’ who set up the controlled demo of the twin towers] are, and it’s not worth looking for them…”

    Well, I guess that wraps that up! Case closed.

  4. I think Frank (above) hit the nail on the head. Anyone who doesn’t know by now that 9-11 was a false-flag simply doesn’t want to know because the truth is too disturbing.

    The same crowd of idiots still thinks Oswald shot Kennedy, because that belief keeps their understanding of the world nice and simple.

    And THAT’S why you should never waste too much time trying to convince anyone of the truth. Many people will look at all of the facts, and simply ignore them in favor of what they would rather believe. They’ll die for their ignorance, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent that.

    1. “And THAT’S why you should never waste too much time trying to convince anyone of the truth.”

      I’ll have to agree with you, JR. If all the evidence and the 100’s of independent professional investigative results haven’t concluded 911 was an inside job, then nothing will.

      Sometimes I felt like I was trying to find a corner in a round room… it’s a fruitless endeavor. It’s also hard to nail-down a Neocon or a good humanitarian like Bill Gates.

    2. It’s not just those who when told the truth refuse to believe it…the Bible says seek the truth in ALL things…it is those who refuse to seek the truth who will, unfortunately for them, have it hit them right on the face at some point which by then (since they are not prepared for it) will be too late.

      But I have a question: if the NYC cops know the truth about 9-11, then why do so many of them act like fascist thugs? If they know the criminal psycho elites did it which resulted in the deaths of their fellow cops, then why are these cops acting like they are protecting the interests of the criminal psychopathic elites?

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