Civilian cost of Ukraine war: hundreds dead, thousands flee

Published on Jul 25, 2014 by RT

Another dissenting town in Eastern Ukraine has fallen to government forces as the noose tightens around the capitals of two self-proclaimed republics. Roman Kosarev reports on the high cost to civilians.

4 thoughts on “Civilian cost of Ukraine war: hundreds dead, thousands flee

  1. What is the cost of any war but the cost of freedom at the expense of the many for the benefit of the few?I don’t fear terrorists who would challenge my freedom but the government who challenges it daily at my own expense.I feel like if there was no government there would have been no 9/11.I feel like maybe my best friends are people tired of being lied to by criminals who call themselves government. I’m tired of paying for murder and I’m tired.I’m just tired.

  2. I feel exactly the way you do, Carl. Many people do. Let’s begin by using Michael Collins exhortation, to practice refusal.
    Refuse to obey, refuse to recognize the grossly unfair and illegal demands of the controllers.

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