15 thoughts on “Classified as Feral Pig by Michigan DNR – Also does not have a green card

  1. that animal has to be confiscated and eliminated immediately. We need to know the exact location of this crime seen. the property owners must be arrested and prosecuted, if not shot on sight for this terrible crime. have the drones, blm and swat teams at the ready.

          1. started too but got interrupted. (the consequences of being married 🙂 However plan on watching it. think i did see it long ago but don’t remember what went on. did you watch it?

          2. Hey Paul, I’m currently at “Witch Mountain” visiting digger. Were discussing prep plans and such. Both digger and I watched Josie last night. Shit’s going down up here in the northwoods and alot of people are “waking up”. It’s getting “very interesting” as Commandant Klink would say. Enjoy Josie and see you in “The Pub” Monday.

  2. That`s a lot of pigs there in Mich. that need green cards 😆 . Guess they may just have to shoot on sight. Oink Oink. Rasily identifyable by their monkey suits they wear.
    Hell there are a lot of them pigs in every state come to think about it 😉

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