Clint Richardson: “What is a Jew?”


Streamed live on Oct 24, 2017

Identity. It is the builder of nations and the killer of empires. It not only defines every “people” and culture, it ultimately drives each into protection and war against the other. Be it religious or secular, monarchical or republican, free or communist, the politics of identity permeate every aspect of international and interstate commerce and governance. But identity, like history, requires a creator, a caretaker, and a blind faith by those many individuals it counts within its fold. Just who is or was the grand author of each of our modern cultural identities? This we may never know. Perhaps it was the same victors that authored history’s many fables. There seems only one thing for certain: when this assumed, cultural identity becomes the blind foundation of social cohesion and not its driving, moral and social purpose, when the identity of a people surpasses the reason and goals for becoming a people in the first place, the people bearing such identities begin subsisting for no other reason and purpose than to continue using and protect the right to bear such a false basis for their identity. This is why the Indians are no longer tribal, becoming nations run by politicians playing identity politics, where the right to bear the tribal name has overcome any purpose for being of a tribe. And herein we find the very false, invented history and foundational identity of the modern “Jew” — existence without purpose.


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  1. The Act of 1871: The “United States” Is a Corporation – There are Two Constitutions

    Since the Act of 1871 which established the District of Columbia, we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is owned by certain international bankers and aristocracy of Europe and Britain. In 1871 the Congress changed the name of the original Constitution by changing ONE WORD — and that was very significant as you will read. Some people do not understand that ONE WORD or TWO WORDS difference in any “legal” document DO make the critical difference. But, Congress has known, and does know, this. 1871, February 21: Congress Passes an Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia, also known as the Act of 1871.

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