Cliven Bundy Discusses the Oregon Case with John Stadtmiller, 2/1/16: “Today Cliven Bundy is taking charge.”

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

John Stadtmiller of Republic Broadcasting interviewed Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy on Monday, February 1st, 2016.

In this National Intel Report episode, Bundy and Stadtmiller discuss the overreach of the federal government, the Hammond case, and the Wildlife refuge occupation, which Bundy admits he did not support the idea initially.  

Bundy discusses the murder of Rancher LaVoy Finicum. “I watched the assassination, there’s no doubt it was a cold blooded assassination, and there’s no doubt their intent was to kill everyone else,” he said.

The two men also discuss the arrest and imprisonment of Bundy’s two sons, Ryan and Ammon Bundy.

“There’s no justice, there’s no mercy, all they wanted to do is make them criminals. They didn’t do nothing wrong,” Bundy says of his two sons, who are currently in jail in Oregon.

“What’s the next move here?” Stadtmiller asks.

“I made a move, I will make a statement… I haven’t had very much to do with this,.. so now they’re in jail. There’s assassinations that went on… We still have four or five people huddled down in there… So you know, today Cliven Bundy is taking charge. Here’s what I’ve done, This is coming from Cliven Bundy, a notice to Harney County Sheriff, the Governor and the President of the United States.. certified mail and email to the world. Here’s what it says. Dear Sheriff Ward …

You can download or listen to the show here.

Go to 51:42 to start, where they begin the background of the Bundy and Hammond cases. To get to the part where they dsicuss the arrest of Bundy’s sons, go to 1:10:00.

Additional link here: Cliven Bundy’s Guest Appearance on The National Intel Report w/ John Stadtmiller

Stadtmiller notes that he “will interview Victoria Sharp 2-2-16 the 18 year old that was in the truck with Lavoy Finicum.”

2 thoughts on “Cliven Bundy Discusses the Oregon Case with John Stadtmiller, 2/1/16: “Today Cliven Bundy is taking charge.”

  1. Well, I guess everybody can pack up and go home now. Cliven says he’s got this one.
    Arming himself with that letter to the Sheriff was a brilliant tactical move.

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