5 thoughts on “CNN Blunder The US and ISIS are working together in Syria

  1. lol. whoops. Darn it all. The truth slipped out. I even heard JewPR on the radio last week admitting that the CIA was backing Syrian insurgents. I guess they don’t care. Probably figure most folks aren’t paying attention anyways.

    1. Quote, ” Probably figure most folks aren’t paying attention anyways.” Unquote.
      I’d hazard a guess, that would only apply in the U.S. I can assure you, outside of the U.S. millions of people have known for a long time, the habit of the U.S. Government hedging it’s bets by placing a bet each way. They also know very well, the general population are far too busy ensuring there’s enough food on the table and keeping the debt collector from the door, to involve themselves in these matters.

  2. If in a survey those asked to participate didn’t know what repeal meant how in hell would they understand the meaning of COALITION?

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