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Lessons to be learned for future situations:

The Bundy Affair – Oathkeepers vs. Militia – Part I

The Bundy Affair – Oathkeepers vs. Militia – Part II

Those interested in aiding the remaining folks at the Bundy Ranch can act on the info below:  

…Some of the specific articles necessary to continuing and building our logistical capabilities include but are not limited to:

· Non-perishable food items; entrees, snacks, granola bars, energy bars, meal replacement shakes, etc..
· Bottled water
· Toiletries; wet-wipes, toilet paper, toothbrushes and paste, etc..
· Night-vision
· Thermal optics
· Communications; HAM radios, HAM base-stations, coaxial cable and connectors, etc..
· Fuel cards, pre-paid credit cards, or cash for fuel reimbursement and expenditures
· Ammunition; 5.56mm x 45mm; NATO (.223 Cal.); 7.62mm x 39mm; 7.62mm x 51mm NATO (.308 Win.); .45 ACP; .40 S&W; 9mm NATO Pistol; 7.62mm x 54mm, etc.
· Batteries; AA, AAA, 2032, Lithium, etc..

Please address any donations or care packages to:

The Militia Effort (or individual/unit/organization you desire to support specifically at your discretion)
C/O: The Bundy Ranch
P.O. Box 7175
Bunkerville, NV 89007

Focus on helping the boots on the ground.

Let the internecine squabbles tar the participants.


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