Coast to coast weather

Yesterday it was 53 degrees and beautiful, not a spot of snow. Here it is today, 29 degrees, feels like 20, with 92% humidity. The old saying here in New England is, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute. Haha!  

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28 thoughts on “Coast to coast weather

    1. That’s my front yard Mark, my back yard looks worse now that we plowed the snow back there.

      I live next door to a garage where they park buses.

      If you’re talking about the second pic, that’s my neighbor across the street, they didn’t clear off the car.

  1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota……….31 degrees SW winds 5-10 mph. 40% chance of snow. Low tonight…17 degrees NW winds 5-10 mph.
    Three seasons here…Dry, Froze, and Mud.

    1. hahaha…..having a mild winter so far up here in ND… I don’t think we have had 6 inches of snow so far this winter

      1. Hi Mary, it’s been mild temperature wise(which is good)but passed our seasonal snowfall by 7 inches so far. Average is 40.5 inches.
        I forgot that you are in ND. LOL Yankee.. 🙂

      1. Yep. It will be par-muddy this weekend. Beautiful photos Deb! I like winter for about two more weeks. (laughing)
        It costs more labor to heat than to cool here….

      1. Hey Mark that’s pretty close. Did you tune into 87.9 fm? That’s about how far I reach that way give or take.
        Give a shout next time. I’ll roll into town and shake your hand.

  2. Pardon the carbon (copy)

    “Currently 53, 55 high, 39 low. Clear & in the 60’s predicted Sun. through Wed. HEAT WAVE!!!

    yay… 🙄 ” 🙂

    1. I’m sure it is sunshine. We’re far from unique to weather that changes every ten minutes. And hey, the sun is out and the snow stopped falling. All within an hour!


  4. Hi Deb,how the pooches doing?You know,the weather gets you down you can walk less then a mile and feel,well,free!Sorry,can’t resist till you make the move!Anyhow,the snow will be melting over this weekend,(well,at least in hampster).I assume the dogs get a kick out of it,till they realize it is cold/wet and they our hungry anyhow.Wanna cure the winter blues,talk a short walk and do some tax free shopping!

    1. Hey James! I’ve missed you buddy! I’ve got one dog that I’m willing to send your way. We’ve built the fence up and put him on a run, but he still tries to escape. Lots of yummy treats haven’t worked either.
      I sprained my wrist, between taming him and chopping wood to keep the fire going. Hard for me to type, but I’ll live. Haha!

      1. Uh Deb,we talking a Shepard.Me mum does need a new pup in her life,her dog Yoda died,a cross between full size poodle/black lab and wolfhound,a great dog and bud.Her cat Warchild also died,both were old timers but was really hoping it didn’t hit all at once.She needs her knee operated on but then will be in shape hopefully for some new family members.

        What’s with the escape artist?!Oh wait,I know,he see’s freedom on the N.H. border!Hope he learns to shape up,perhaps daily walks/hikes of a aggressive nature to cool his jets?He has human and dog family company,what more does a dog need?!

  5. Now wait a minute! “Wait a minute, it will change” is how weather in far west Texas is described! Now I know where the New England Cheatriots learned to cheat…from the weather! 😉

    1. DL,
      This is the second time you have brought up the patriots in something that I have posted. Let me tell you, I couldnt give a rats behind about football. I don’t follow it, they all cheat as far as I’m concerned. I can’t stand Brady or his wife, here in Boston, the media acts like they are royalty. Until last weekend, I didn’t even know they weren’t in the Stupid Bowl. Leave me out of that crap. Bread & circuses. Pfft.

      1. Bwoston?

        That is the scariest place I ever drove. I was laughing the whole time but my passengers where screaming.

        Doing over 95 on the I95 just less than 95″ from the car ahead of you and behind you was a hoot. Especially when some hack tapped their brakes and the whole road(like 9 lanes) came to a crunching halt.

        I was running nitrous tanks(among other stuff) for the hippy mob back in those days. JK I mean Iv never heard of.,.,.,.,kaw kaw!

  6. I thought this post was about weather?

    Well I got some weather for ya.

    It was so cold last night.
    That when I went to pee in a bottle yesterday morning.
    My balls froze to the container.

    Ever have frostbite on your nuts?

    Needless to say …I’m still walking around with a Tropicana OJ bottle
    in my pants.

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