3 thoughts on “Cody Jinks “Cast No Stones”

  1. When I saw this I immediately thought of Henry’s dirty church. So. Here’s to you brother!
    And the philosophy of being happy just being left alone!

  2. Thanks, Koyote. I like this song very much. It puts spirituality over religion and it shows our human side, the one that isn’t perfect. I’m sure many are familiar with that side. wink, wink.



  3. As a Christian preacher, I understand that we were told to preach the gospel. Not brow beat people to death with opinions without foundation.what good would it do for me to force you to repent?
    Would God bless me and put a red feather in my cap?
    Or will he turn me over to Satan for my disobedience?
    For it is written;do unto others as you would have them do unto you’…

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