AR-15 Toting Man Who Worried Neighbors Taken Into Police Custody

NBC News

Brand new developments about a man caught on camera toting an assault rifle across several neighborhoods, sparking outrage on social media.

9 thoughts on “AR-15 Toting Man Who Worried Neighbors Taken Into Police Custody

  1. “Involuntarily committed to health professionals.” The new norm! His friends took to social media to inform law enforcement. What a bunch of twerps!

    1. I was raised among a people who, among many great philosophies, carried the doctrine..

      Unless there is a dead body..

      Never call the law!!!!!

      1. nope– it doesn’t work for me at the source site, either.

        Must be my machine. I may not have all the proper spyware installed. (no video for you unless we can watch your every keystroke)

        1. Dangit! For me anyway. I know my hardware is so rife with their spyjunk that it ain’t funny but I’d bore them to death with my info. I wish it would. Anything they ever “find” will have been planted or fabricated anyway! 🙂

  2. Pure Propaganda to reinforce their wet dreams of Having friends and family turn people in, and “Authorities” Having a non-existent right to incarcerate you for mental evaluation….

    So, If we exercise our rights to free speech and to open carry arms… we must be Mentally evaluated…wow, didn’t see that in the Bill of Rights…Zoink……

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