Colorado to Feds: Please Dominate Us

Last Resistance – by Gordan Runyan

GOP-leaning political pundit, Mary Matalin, once remarked that my hometown seems to be on The Quest for the Unpronounceable Name. I live in Tucumcari, New Mexico. It started off in the wild West days as Ragtown, and then decided on Six Shooter Siding. Now it’s Tucumcari.

Well, in a similar but much more sinister way, my neighbor state to the North, Colorado, seems to be in the midst of a Self-Imposed Quest for a Police State. Not to be outdone by Connecticut, Colorado has imposed some of the strictest gun control measures in the land upon themselves, including a provision for universal background checks (which, as former GOP presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin is tireless in pointing out, is nothing other than a back door entrance into universal gun registration.)  

Of course, thanks be to God, Colorado is not destitute of freedom minded Americans. It has its own share of God-fearing patriots who do not plan to sit quietly while governments try to take from them their Creator-bestowed rights. They also have their share of county sheriffs who have pledged not to enforce any federal gun bans.

However, as WND reports, the liberals in control of the Colorado legislature have an answer for  that sort of pesky, Constitutional thinking. A proposed law has now made it to the Governor’s desk that would empower the President’s body guards, the Secret Service, to act as police within Colorado. This would allow them arrest powers that would make it possible for them to go into a county with a freedom-loving Sheriff, and bypass him. The Secret Service would have the power themselves to go door to door, apparently, and make arrests.

If this is signed into law by the governor of Colorado, we might as well start abbreviating the words Secret Service with two lightning bolts instead of S’s, if you get my drift.

Colorado: Pulling a Thelma and Louise off the Cliffs of Insanity. (I’ll take Mixed Metaphors for 300, Alex.)

Hayek warned of nations traveling down The Road to Serfdom. Anyone still doubting whether that’s us? When you’re ready to look for the exit ramp, try this short book: Resistance to Tyrants: Romans 13 and the Christian Duty to Oppose Wicked Rulers, in both paperback and Kindle formats.

4 thoughts on “Colorado to Feds: Please Dominate Us

  1. Gay marriage, gun bans, what next?. Should we all just bend over right now?. This is what political correctness has done to society.

  2. “The Secret Service would have the power themselves to go door to door, apparently, and make arrests.”

    I’m still curious as to how Secret Service can arrest anyone or how ANY government would allow them to arrest anyone or how ANY sheriffs would even allow them to arrest anyone for having a gun in their house. It’s like a person working at the DMV having the power to take your kids away for child negligence. It makes no sense whatsoever. But that’s our world for ya, these days.

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