“Common Sense” Gun Control Debunked! (Man-On-Street)

Published on Aug 17, 2016 by StevenCrowder

Buzzwords like “assault weapon” and “semi-automatic” seem to be all the rage. But what do they mean? More importantly, what do the people pushing for “common sense” gun control and weapon bans think they mean? We find out…

Big thanks to http://patriotpawnandgun.com and Radio Host, Dick Cupka of http://www.triggertalkradio.com/about/ for supporting this video. Be sure to click the links and support some great guys.

References at http://louderwithcrowder.com/gun-cont…

6 thoughts on ““Common Sense” Gun Control Debunked! (Man-On-Street)

  1. This vid. makes it apparent that Americans, hopefully not that many have no idea that they are responsible to protect themselves a natural right by birth.

    “I’ll throw my cat at them.” OMG!

  2. Sad… only ONE guy knew there was no such thing as a ‘fully semi-automatic weapon’.

    Buncha idjits.

    1. I was hoping to see the out takes, surely there were a few educated people who didn’t make the directors cut 😉

  3. That fella is lucky a real American whose fully aware of his or her rights didn’t walk up there…he would have been bitch slapped to the ground before he could explain the premise of his video and his little comedic routine would have gone tragically awry.
    That being said, it looks like whatever town he is in is full of the walking braindead.

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