0 thoughts on “Cop Charged with Murder in Beating Death of Kelly Thomas

  1. Here are the two bastards that beat Kelly Thomas to death.There were a total of six officers involved. Four just stood around and watched these two scum bags beat the life out of Kelly Thomas. Hopefully, they will lose their jobs as well.

    The Fullerton, Calif. police Department are shielding these other so-called police for their protection. Their names aren’t being released. Total BS, the public has a right to know who these cowards are.



    1. Those are two scary lookin’ Storm Troopers, especially that Jay guy. They wouldn’t have to beat me to death. I’d have a heart attack just lookin’ at ’em ! This is why the cops are so worried about being filmed, or even having camera’s in their proximity. Well, the judge dropped the charges against that guy facing a life sentence, for being un-Constitutional, so there’s hope yet. Everybody keep packin’ your cameras and keep filming !

  2. piggy piggy piggy where’s the little piggs. Bastards they are. Put them population, we’ll see how tough they are then. After a couple of rapes every day they will be hanging there finger in a belt loop. Man would I like to see that. . PIGS as you can see I really like them. Now they are not ALL bad, just most.

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