Another Week, Another 423,000 Jobs

Well another week has gone by without one damn job being created and weekly new jobless claims at 423,000.  How many months, hell years, is it going to take for it to become unquestionably clear that the traitors in our government have absolutely no intention of doing anything to change the status quo?  The corporations continue to make record profits and US jobs continue to be downsized or sent out of the country and time keeps rolling by.  Of course companies like Caterpillar, GM, Harley Davidson, and scores more continue to build more facilities in foreign countries where they intend to process more of our raw resources into products without we the American people receiving one thin dime.

Apparently a large portion of the construction of the new Bay Bridge in San Francisco was outsourced to China, more than $500 million worth.  The company granted the government contract said that the use of Chinese labor in constructing elements of the bridge was necessary to curtail costs and hasten the construction of the bridge.  Bull bull bull bull bullshit!

This is how it works.  The company could have taken a grossly inflated billion dollar profit and all of the work could have been done by US workers, but that is not enough for these big companies that do nothing more than sub contract.  No, better to send the work to China where it can be accomplished via slave labor, then the slimy company gets an extra $500 million from the government contract paid for with US taxpayer dollars.

Considering the state of our economy, this should be considered treason being committed by these corporate scum bags, as these actions represent a deliberate effort to further destroy our economy and hurt our people.  If you or I committed an act like this on a small scale involving a couple hundred thousand dollars, it would be called economic sabotage and an act of terrorism for profit.  How long are we going to allow this kind of crap to keep going on?  Be assured it is not going to stop until we stop it.

It would be this simple.  One day instead of going to work we all converge on the ports all around our country.  We make it clear we are not hitting one more lick and not one resource is leaving any of our ports until the traitors in our government are placed under arrest and incarcerated.  For a short while we would have to run our country largely from a local level as 90% of our state representatives and governors belong in jail also.  Then we could force honest elections, not controlled by the corporate elite, because they too would be in jail.  And once we got honest people in place we could start the prosecutions and deportations and procure the recovery of our $30 trillion.

Like I said in the beginning of the article, another week and all we can look forward to is more diversions like this phony crap going on over in the UN.  And mark my words, next week I will be back again saying, “There goes another week.”

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Yep, that was the first news I saw this morning:

    Fewer people applied for unemployment benefits

    The number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell last week, though the decline isn’t enough to signal improvement in the job market.

    Weekly applications dropped by 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 423,000, the Labor Department said Thursday.

    The four-week average, a less volatile figure, rose slightly for the fifth straight week to 421,000.

    Applications typically need to fall below 375,000 to significantly lower the unemployment rate. They haven’t been that low since February.

    Higher unemployment benefit applications may signal that more employers are laying off workers amid growing worries that the economy has weakened. Still, economists say the main problem is that there are few jobs for the 14 million people who are unemployed.

    Many businesses pulled back on hiring after seeing demand for their products drop. Consumers have had less money to spend on discretionary goods because they are paying higher prices for gas and food, while seeing meager pay raises. That has taken a toll on the economy because consumer spending fuels 70 percent of growth.

    In the first half of the year, the economy expanded at an annual rate of just 0.7 percent. In August, employers added no net jobs, and consumers didn’t increase their spending on retail goods.

    Most economists expect the economy will grow no more than 2 percent for the year. That’s barely enough to keep up with population growth, and far below the 5 percent rate that most economists say is needed to bring down the unemployment rate.

    The unemployment rate has been above 9 percent in all but two months since the recession officially ended more than two years ago.

    Such weakness has raised pressure on President Barack Obama and the Federal Reserve to boost economic growth.

    On Wednesday, the Fed said it will try to push long-term interest rates lower and make consumer and business loans cheaper by shifting $400 billion out of short-term Treasury securities and into longer-term bonds. The central bank said it will also reinvest the proceeds from its maturing mortgage-backed securities into new mortgage-backed bonds. That should reduce mortgage rates.

    President Barack Obama, meanwhile, has proposed a $447 billion job-creation package. He wants to cut Social Security taxes for workers, extend unemployment benefits, cut taxes for small businesses and spend more federal money to build roads, bridges and other public works projects.

    But the president’s proposal faces opposition in Congress. Republicans object to his proposal to pay for the plan with higher taxes on wealthier households, hedge fund managers and oil companies.

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  2. This is all so heartbreaking. The 99ers are still not mentioned in any job creation plan, UI benefits (or any help for that matter).

    Also, I just read an article regarding companies such as Careerbuilder, Indeed etc knowingly posting jobs for those employed only.

    The media seems to have backed off of the job crissis again.

  3. The capitalist say that there are to many regulations in the USA for them to compete globally so they are forced to expand abroad. You want to talk regulation? How about we pass a law that no company can hire another person unless it is in the USA! These scum bags are undermining and destroying America. They want profits, but at what cost. The time has come for every multi-national corp. to stand up for America! Their acts are treason and are leading us into a revolution, one that they will not survive!

  4. Want to here how “Super Sub Contracting” goes? I’m an IT technician working for and get paid form Smart Source in Chicago, IL part time/on call… Now remember I live in and work at sites in LA & OC area. The work was done at Sunrise Senior Living at 3 of their work/living sites. Now “Sunrise Senior Living” hired “CDW” then CDW hired “Friendly Computer Services in Florida” then FCS hired “Smart Source in Chicago, IL” then Smart Source hired me via Internet to do the work on site at “Sunrise Senior Living” in Southern CA. Sunrise Senior Living outsources half of there IT help desk in India were it is hard to communicate with customer service tech. Smart Source sends me a email to go to Sunrise with a work order of an estimate of hours to do the job and a from for the Sunrise site manager to sign off on my work order as completed. To make it short Smart Source under paid my regular hours on the email the sent me by 4 hours. Then Smart Source refused to pay me for 7 additional hours it took to do the job between three sites. Smart Source pays me but there BS’ing me telling me to get approval from “FSC” when Sunrise site managers signed for the completed hours of work done. I’m paid on a W4 like a regular employee and they call it contract work. I’ve done work with another temp computer staffing agency and this is how it seems to be going in Computers jobs sector. Just guesstimate how much those 4 companies took before the pay got to me. Now I just have to report them to all law enforcement agencies. We have to boycott these types of businesses. So be careful out there when you are working for these scandalous employers and avoid companies that “Super Sub Contract”.

  5. i have to say im in a good mood for once i finally after three plus years landed a job i got so desperate i actually went to a carwash and thought the worst there going to give me a management position first six months the pay wont be great but liveable then salary 35.000 .0040.000.00 than if i take these courses there’s a chance i can make 75.000 to 100.000.00 a year to run one of there places things are finally looking up they have 17 centeres and the owner is real cool wish me luck still looking out for everyone on here i walked in shit at the moment on cloud nine

    1. Brian Sargeant,
      Glad to hear of your good fortune and may it continue to the point of becoming a contagion that spreads and infects all of the unemployed.
      At any rate, good luck and stay in touch.

    2. Yeah, Brian thats fantastic. Great work on finding the job! Sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Let us know how things work out for you brother. It’s amazing how things turn out when you think your at the end of the line. Amazing!

  6. thanks henry and mark i appreciate it the comments i will definatly keep in touch for the past three years this is the only site that’s kept me going im still in the fight with you talk to you guys soon have a good weekend and just hearing bill o riley threaten to quit was a bonus

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