Cop: I couldn’t save shooting victim because NYPD helped me cheat on CPR test

New York Post – by Emily Saul

The partner of rookie cop Peter Liang told Brooklyn jurors Thursday that he himself was unqualified to resuscitate the man Liang accidently shot in a housing-project stairwell — because the Police Academy lets ­recruits cheat on their CPR- certification tests.

So he did nothing to help the dying victim.

“How much time [during training] did you spend on a mannequin?” the partner, Shaun Landau, was asked by Liang’s defense lawyer, ­Robert E. Brown.  

“Not sure,” Landau ad­mitted.

“Less than two minutes?” the lawyer asked.

“Yes,” Landau answered.

Jurors learned Thursday that nothing could have saved unarmed Akai Gurley from the bullet that ricocheted off a stairwell wall and pierced his heart, killing him in minutes.

Still, both Landau and ­Liang failed to try to resuscitate the 28-year-old Gurley as he bled to death in East New York’s Pink Houses in November 2014, instead leaving his hysterical girlfriend to do chest compressions, jurors were told.

“But you’re certified in CPR?” Brown asked Landau.

“Yes,” the partner answered nervously.

“And at that moment you didn’t know what to do?”

“Yes,” Landau answered.

Landau, the star prosecution witness, who testified against his partner under an immunity deal, could wind up helping Liang.

Landau said the NYPD’s CPR training was so lax, ­instructors handed out the questions and answers in advance of the written certification exam.

“You were fed the questions and the answers?” Brown asked. “Correct,” Landau replied.

A defense witness, Officer John Funk, later backed Landau’s claim, telling jurors CPR training was equally lacking when he and Liang attended the same 2013 academy class. Some 300 ­recruits crowded into an auditorium with just eight mannequins, and everyone passed, Funk said.

The NYPD did not ­respond to requests for comment.

The prosecution wrapped its case Thursday with radio and 911 time-stamp testimony supporting its contention that the partners wasted at least five minutes bickering over what to do before summoning help.

Landau testified Tuesday that he and Liang didn’t know for at least four minutes that the bullet had struck anyone.

Liang, 27, is charged with six counts, including manslaughter.

Additional reporting by Shawn Cohen and Laura Italiano

3 thoughts on “Cop: I couldn’t save shooting victim because NYPD helped me cheat on CPR test

  1. Your taxes sure go to good and moral purposes don’t they? It is such a good thing that you believe you are required to fund these high minded and socially needed programs. You know you can’t fund directly what you agree with that government pays for so you MUST keep paying taxes for these programs you agree with to continue, right? Especially the israeli training of these 5 watt thugs. Think of the mentality that a “man” must have to become a cop knowing he is not knowledgeable or skilled enough to be a cop. It is a good thing you pay the trainers of these thugs to instill the necessary skills and knowledge, right?
    What does YOUR continuing VOLUNTARY funding of the likes of this criminality say about YOU?

  2. I am not defending the COP but where I work we are/were required to take CPR/ first aid every 2 years, The classes are a joke. CPR is not going to help a person with a bullet in the heart. At best there is a 3% rescue rate for heart attacks. First aid is little more than learning how to make an arm sling and find a few pressure points to slow bleeding. I recently heard from a trainer admitting that the CPR training is just to make you think you are doing something significant and just keep you busy until an ambulance comes. After I learned that, I quit going. I found Company rules were unclear on required attendance. As for the practice dummy, though the face is wiped between people, there are a lot of germs and viruses blown into the air bag. That nice moist environment will bread those pathogens nicely. Eventually some one will get sick from that.

  3. “So he did nothing to help the dying victim.”

    Unfortunately, there’s only one thing he could have possibly done to save that man’s life.

    Shoot his pig partner dead before he had a chance to kill the victim.

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