Cops Attack And Strip Naked An Innocent Woman

Published on Oct 3, 2013 by WorldWideUncut

Police Rape Woman on Camera – Hope Steffey – !! Beware Graphic Material !!

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Another job well done by our “boys” in blue.
The most disgusting, inappropriate misconduct I’ve seen, to date.
If you think about it, it’s pretty much the first “legal” rape video.

We found this in Wikipedia, Stark County Sheriff’s Office:

Hope Steffey incident

A local woman, Hope Steffey, sued the Sheriff’s Office. Video of the incident shows male and female deputies forcefully removing the clothing of the handcuffed woman. Hope Steffey had called the police after she had been assaulted. Television station WKYC obtained video of the incident.[4] [5] Around November 2008, Hope Steffey initiated civil action against the Sheriff’s Office,[6] this action was settled in July 2009 with the settlement details confidential but reported to be favourable to the plaintiff.[7] Additional actions against related civilian contractors remain ongoing.

Former Attorney General Marc Dann initiated criminal action in February 2008 before later resigning for unrelated reasons, the Grand Jury subsequently found “no probable cause of criminal wrongdoing” by the county deputies[8] despite having violated the policy against opposite sex strip searching.

Valentina Dyshko incident

Valentina Dyshko, a Ukrainian woman with limited English capability filed suit allegeding that she was the victim of a strip search by male officers at the Stark County Jail. This case was reportedly settled by the Stark County Sheriff in 2008.[9][10]

Further victims and allegations

During the Steffey case, it was discovered that 128 women had experienced strip search, naked isolation or related treatment between 1999 and 2007. Privacy concerns prevented the identification of these women which led Steffey’s lawyers to use the billboard to encourage other women to come forward.[11] Following the bill board and media reporting on the incident, five women, including Valentina Dyshko, came forward to report similar experiences with Stark County Sheriff’s personnel[12] including “Elizabeth” (a pseudonym) who was herself employed in a medium security jail. She reported being accused of suicidal behavior and strip-searched after being arrested for defending herself against inappropriate touching by a sheriff deputy during a traffic stop following a lane change without signaling. The sheriff had accused her of failing a breath test when her asthma prevented her from blowing sufficiently strongly during said breath test.[13]’s_Office

42 thoughts on “Cops Attack And Strip Naked An Innocent Woman

  1. The mistake she made was calling the police. The gestapos in blue will not show up to help you, they will assault you and either seriously injure or kill you. If this isn’t clear to everyone by now, then those people will be the next victims.

  2. Videos like this are what make me laugh at stories such as that which was posted earlier today on this site – something about “is it okay to be anti government” – in which the author speaks of armed resistance IF and WHEN “they” go too far.

    They’ve already gone too far. No one is going to do a God d***ed thing about it. What’s my evidence, one might ask? Well, look around you, I respond.

    1. What are you doing about it,jawjacking wont get er done,still waiting for the fun yer gonna have with me to start!!!!!!!!

  3. The people of that county should form a posse and go and arrest the entire department. They should be removed by the Americans in that community and a new sheriff should be placed over the department. They should use force if needed. If they resist shoot them. They are committing these acts and they need to be dealt with. When are we gonna stop the criminal acts by the police?
    They commit acts that would get us shot or arrested and nothing happens to them.
    When this kicks off, the cops need to stay far away from me. I will treat you as an enemy. To all the NSA bastards that are reading this, if you dont agee with what I said, you are no different than the cops doing these crimes.

      1. I only got 1 minute into the second video and had to turn it off. You are correct THEY have started it and there is only one way to stop it. They will never quit until we make them quit.

  4. Hey All,
    Like I told Henry,if this had been my wife these fkn pigs would already be rotting in pig hell.

  5. If this were me, first off the cousin would not of assaulted me, they would of died. Second I never call the police I can handle my own. But just to say if this were me, everyone of them would be hunted down, one by one.

    The sheep need to realize police are monsters and not here to help, they have become evil, they are sick.

    I take responsibility for myself and my family, never call the police, never.

    1. Missy,
      you would KILL your cousin over an argument ????????? thats almost as crazy as these fkn pigs,if you represent the “females” out there we truly have no hope


      1. So if someone is assaulting you what should you do, call 911? If they are over powering you and you want it to stop that is what deadly force is for.
        If someone enters my home and attempts to harm me or my family, they will not walk out again. I agree with you Missy and not just because you cook my dinner every night. 🙂

      2. I would protect myself. I will not be a victim. To many women rely on others for their protection. My husband and I are my protection. He is not always here, and when he is not it is up to ME to make sure that my family is safe.

        I would not kill over an argument, was she not assaulted by the cousin? I do not speak for any females, but myself. IF ASSAULTED, yes I would shoot.

      3. She states she would have killed her cousin if the cousin had assaulted her – not because of an argument.

        1. Guys ,kill all your kin MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO ME ,sorry but this is just extremely over board,but I guess the powers that be have finally killed the FAMILY UNIT if you have such rage against your OWN FAMILY, ASS WHIPPINGS HEAL DEATH IS PERMANENT. my god people guess I am still the odd man out if you would take some ones life(especially a family member) over an ass whipping then there is truly no hope for america.

          1. Steve,
            Nothing personal, but try to understand what people are saying. No one is saying to kill someone who is kicking your ass. If someone is assaulting you, when will they stop? When you make them stop. If she cant physically stop them, that is when deadly force is needed. We werent there. How do you know the cousin wasnt a crack head and gonna kill her? She wasnt arguing. She was being assaulted. People who wait to see if someone is gonna kill them or just whoop their ass end up dead. The cops were assaulting her. Would she have been justified killing them? I believe she would.

          2. Hey Bulldog(great song LOL) I get what everyone is trying to say but what about the ramifications of MURDER would you let your wife go to prison for LIFE just to avoid a “catfight” chances are these chicks were drinking which leads to petty argueing escalating into some hair pulling and such. Certainly nothing to end a human life over family or not.

            All Im trying to say is family is fkn precious and as we all get older our/their numbers dwindle and there could be no worse fate than ending up in a dark hole(prison) getting raped and molested EACH AND EVERY DAY by cellmates and prison guards then dying a lonely death in a cage over a silly ass whipping. Yes there are times when extreme defense is needed.but if we dont stick together especially THE FAMILY UNIT then what are we living for.
            I can only answer for myself in this crazy ol game of life but my unshakable faith in OUR CREATOR allows me to enjoy life(a simple poor one ) without fear and trying to live by the BIG 10 Commandments.

          3. Steve,
            I promise, my wife, Missy wouldnt shoot her cousin unless she had to. She can hold her own in a fight. She was just explaining that she is ready to defend herself with deadly force if needed. She will not become a victim. The crimianls here are the cops. They committed sexual assault, assault and many other crimes. The should be punished.

          4. Mr. Apple, with all due respect, you are going out of your way to make an extremely marginal argument.

            If Bulldog’s wife Missy is ever in a situation in which she feels she needs to use extreme force to defend herself, I trust her judgement – and I don’t even know her.

            Try the “GLP” forum. It may be more to your liking. Seriously.

          5. MR.SCV with no undue respect DONT YOU HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS WITH CRAZY ASS COPS ON ROUTE 40 THRU the drug infested state of tenn. to fully occupy your time,after all it is your “neighbors doorstep” (ACCORDING TO YOU OWN WORDS)instead of poking your nose into my thoughts WHICH DONT REALLY CONCERN YOU.
            oH AND ONE MORE THING i= I aint no fkn mister,you can call me Steve or you can call me Apple and as far as this “glp forum” I dont have a clue to what you are talking about,but you should watch your smart fkn mouth would be my advice to you.

          6. I’ll keep in mind how easy it is to push your buttons, Mr. Apple. Protip: step away from the coffee. No need to give yourself a stroke.

            Oh, ETA: don’t go to GLP. I’m not nearly through having fun with you here – lmao.

        2. Hey slick It will take a much much MUCH better “man”(or whatever you are) than you to even locate my buttons, let alone get me excited by “pushing them. Its funny how you ignore your Neighbors “doorstep” as is typical of your jaw jackin type,you have nothing to contribute but devisive one line nothing statements As far as a stroke, anytime any day you want to follow my old frail ass up the mountain for a little deer hunting you just let me know. Your goofy ass can call me any ol name that blows your lil ol skirt up as words dont move me one way or another you see thats how GROWNUPS communicate,with letters put together to make words-MISTER IS A SLAVES TITLE and Im just a simple country boy undeserving of any title whether slave or master Im just Steve,hope I typed slow enough for you to comprehend.
          Ps YOU WILL NEVER GET MY MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE,made with clear clean sweet spring water from my hand dug rock lined well

          1. Steve Apple says:

            November 14, 2013 at 11:38 am

            Thats it, come on ,Im your huckleberry and to be honest I could use some entertainment.come on give it to me,I am waiting since you are to infantile to address any statements with a grown up response come on and lets start having the FUN you promised or are you just a liar give me your best “git me all excited” ONE LINER Im waiting

          2. lol – you old fart! Now you’re having me on.

            You’ll do in a pinch, Apple. I don’t care what they say ’bout ya.

          3. thats it??????????? your fkn kidding me,come on give 2 lines of nothing at least,dont be a flacid lil bitch ,have that fun with “apple” you were sooooo looking forward too,push my buttons or shut the fuk up you mental midget

          4. apple,
            all this started because you wanted to say something stupid like if my wife represents the women out there we have no hope because she would defend herself. This is sad apple. You dont know me or my wife and I damn sure aint gonna get into a threat match with someone online. It is a waste of time. But I will tell you this much. If my wife represents the women out there, we will win because she wont allow someone to make her a victim. If the lady in the video would have stood up and not called the cops she wouldnt have been assaulted by cops. So chill out. We have bigger fish to fry than each other. This aint my site and I dont like to do this shit on someone elses site, but why dont you get back to the task at hand, which is getting ready to take on the commies

          5. Bulldog,
            This site belongs to those who gather to write here and that includes you and Mrs. Missy Bulldog.
            I believe these guys are both patriots and I’m just hoping they can work this out.
            Laura says we men here are all alpha males, hardheaded and stubborn to a fault, which is why the misunderstandings get out of control. And she is probably right.
            Come on guys, I’m not going to erase any of these comments, but I believe the individuals on this site do not like this discourse as it is interrupting the conversation. I think we would prefer it if you guys would just call it a draw and shake hands.
            Like I said, and like Bulldog said, we have real enemies to deal with.

          6. Henry,
            Agreed. hell I would buy the first round if we could all get together for a beer. I hope we are some stubborn SOBs. It will help us deal with the commies. Both Steve and SVC are Patriots, but you might want to watch out for that Mrs. bulldog/Missy. She seems like a trouble maker.

          7. Yeah, but what would we do without them? They keep us grounded to why we will fight.
            On the video subject. I haven’t felt that rage in a while. I think alot of folks felt that. They have crossed the line and hopefully soon we can fix all of this stuff.
            I go back to work next week. On the road, but gotta make some fiat currency you will be happy. I am working for families sueing the oil companies that trashed their land. 🙂

          8. Henry@ 3:41 and Bulldog @ 3:51, that is why I posted that “Aunty Acid” post just to lighten the mood with some funny one liners 🙂

          9. Diggerdan
            Those were great one liners. We need to laugh
            Keep the rage inside and use it when needed.
            The army taught me that

  6. The line isn’t *your* doorstep. The line is *your neighbor’s* doorstep.

    This is what was meant by “hanging together or hanging separately.” What I see taking place is “hanging separately.”

    1. yes; if the law abiding good citizen down the street is the first stop on the block for a gun confiscation and there is shooting, you don’t wait until they come knocking on your door; you help him; you all do.

    1. Mel ,read back thru the archives(author/contributor) and it should be pretty easy to figure out who has CONTRIBUTED to the cause and who the “agitator is.the posters are listed at the top chk my name(not looking for any credit) then try to find anything contributed by svc.(other than one line devisive get the other guy to act nonsense)that should clear up your confusion

      1. Bulldog and Henry both asked us nicely to knock it off. I’m willing to bury the hatchet if you are. If you aren’t, I can do that also.

        1. Hey brothers’ in my opinion there is no hatchet to bury here. We would not be here if we weren’t of the same cloth. We all want to live as free Americans. We are on the same side. We may disagree sometimes on how or why but we all want the same thing. I will fight be side Steve apple and SVC. I have never met Patriots anywhere like I have on from the trenches. You are all my brothers.

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