5 thoughts on “Cordite Country JMR-Friday-September 2, 2011

  1. Hey Digger, What a great site and a very intelligent women Cordi is.These treasonous nothings have opened a big ol can of worms getting exposed and outsmarted by nothing more than Truth and logic. I figured out a long time ago that this is the age old battle between right and wrong,slavery vs freedom or right down to the gist of GOOD vs EVIL. This women and her site are well worth exploring. Thnx again for the post.

  2. @ 9:26 🙂 Steve Geeze thanks Steve, I have been following her for about a year now and I think that she is the greatest 😎 , I am suprised that she is not posted more hear on The Trenches much. I hope people can take the time to listen to her knowledge as she is excellent and can talk to people in a way that common people can understand and appreciate. 😉 She is a wealth of good info, and she is a patriot even she is cool 🙂 🙂

    1. Hey Digger,
      I nominate you to get her and her message on over here as she will be a breath of fresh air and an asset to us all.
      It is the first time I have heard of or listened to this calm precise women.A little calm in this storm of insanity is most welcome in my life.

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